Pakistani Hindu community lashes out at Indian propaganda

Pakistani Hindu community lashes out at Indian propaganda

*KARACHI - Pakistani Hindu community in Karachi uniquely celebrated the event of Satyanaraym Puja.*

By holding a Satyanarayan Puja, the community prayed for peace, security and progress of Pakistan in 2019. The puja, however, was not limited to this year only; instead, the community observes every new year with special prayers for their beloved country.

Hindu community members said they never felt insecure or were harassed for the religion in the Muslim-majority country.

One of the worshippers even went on to suggest that the mainstream propaganda of minorities not being safe in Pakistan was peddled at India’s behest.

“We have high hopes from the PTI government that they will do good for our community; every one of us has voted for the PTI”, said a worshipper.

Another worshipper wondered if they would enjoy the same [religious] freedom in some other country as they did in Pakistan.