US denies report of intelligence, military cooperation suspension by Pakistan

US denies report of intelligence, military cooperation suspension by Pakistan

WASHINGTON - The US Embassy in Islamabad is denying Pakistan’s claims it has suspended military or intelligence cooperation with the United States, according to VOA report.

“We have not received any formal communication regarding a suspension,” the US Embassy spokesman Richard Snelsire said as quoted by the VOA.

This comes after Pakistan’s Defence Minister Khurram Dastgir Khan said that Islamabad has suspended military and intelligence cooperation with the United States in the wake of US President Donald Trump's allegation that Pakistan has given the US "nothing but lies and deceit" and suspension of security aid for Pakistan, Pakistani newspaper Dawn reported.

The US is facing defeat in Afghanistan despite spending billions of dollars, Khan said while addressing a gathering at Institute of Strategic Studies in Islamabad on Tuesday, it said.

"Pakistan does not want to put a price on its sacrifices but wants them to be recognised," Khan said, adding that Pakistan will not allow Afghanistan's war to be fought on Pakistani territory.

In Washington, State Department’s Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Steve Goldstein told VOA Tuesday the United States is “hopeful that Pakistan will come back to the table” and assist in US efforts to combat terrorism.

The US announced last Thursday that it would not deliver military equipment or transfer security-related funds to Pakistan, suspending the so-called Foreign Military Financing (FMF) and Coalition Support Funds (CSF) but not civilian assistance to that country.

Pakistan says the United States is scapegoating it for US failures in Afghanistan.

A senior State Department official said earlier “the success in Afghanistan relies on better” relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan, and “it relies on Pakistan being an active, constructive player” in South Asia.

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