Does Pakistan has an actual extradition treaty with America?


The Supreme Court on Thursday observed that Pakistan had no actual extradition treaty with the US.

A three-member bench of the court, headed by Justice Mushir Alam and also comprising Justice Munib Akhtar and Justice Qazi Muhammad Amin Ahmed, was hearing a petition filed by Talha Haroon, an American national accused of planning a bomb attack in New York, challenging his extradition to the US.

The additional attorney general told the court that there was an extradition treaty between Pakistan and the US.

He added that the US had extradited two suspects, Farid Tawakal and Farooq Tawakal, to Pakistan in 2008.

An official from the foreign affairs ministry said Pakistan had adopted a bilateral agreement signed between the US and the UK in 1932.

Justice Qazi Amin inquired if Pakistan had unilaterally adopted the agreement. “It is not correct to say that all states are equal?” he added.