American Magazine Foreign Policy exposes links of India with ISIS and other terror organisations


ISLAMABAD: The American magazine ‘Foreign Policy’ has exposed the links between India and terrorists link the world in its article ‘Indians and Central Asians are the new face of the Islamic State’.

According to the article, an increasing number of Indian and Central Asian link links to plots outside their regions is dangerous for the neighboring countries.

In India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi link advanced a series of policies promoting a Hindu nationalist narrative openly hostile toward Muslims. For Indians, the international role has been more limited, with Indians for the most part appearing in attacks in Afghanistan and in limited numbers on the battlefield in Syria, it added.

The threat emerged most recently with the attack by the Islamic State in Khorasan Province (ISKP) link on Jalalabad prison in early August. It follows the earlier decision by ISKP to use an Indian fighter to attack a Sikh gurdwara—a place of worship—in Kabul, the article stated.

The Islamic State officially announced the creation of an affiliate in India last year.

Foreign Policy further revealed that there were Indian links to the 2019 Sri Lanka Easter attacks, the attack on a Turkish nightclub on New Year’s Eve 2017, or the 2017 truck attacks in New York City and Stockholm.