-WATCHOUT: Your smart TV is spying on You in your homes

-WATCHOUT: Your smart TV is spying on You in your homes

ISLAMABAD - Have you ever wondered why smart TVs are getting so cheap? You can get a top of the line smart TV for as little as $700.

That is not at all expensive for an always-connected experience. But why is it so cheap? As The Washington Post’s Geoffrey Fowler says, “It’s the data, stupid.”

Your smart TVs have been vacuuming your data straight out of your living rooms for the sake of target-marketing. The controversy has been making rounds on the internet for a while now, however, the most recent scandal is regarding Samba TV, an app included in smart TVs made by Sony, TCL, Philips, and other major manufacturers. The application uses Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) and says that it delivers “essential TV insights.”

In a recent report, the *NY Times *says that the application collects data on 13.5 million TV viewers under the claims of “making personalized show recommendation”.

The company has allegedly signed deals with a dozen TV makers including Sony, Sharp, Magnavox, Toshiba, and Philips.