PTI government launches yet another unprecedented initiative for Overseas Pakistanis

PTI government launches yet another unprecedented initiative for Overseas Pakistanis

ISLAMABAD - Federal Minister for Communications and Postal Services Murad Saeed Wednesday said that launched earlier this year, Post’s Foreign Remittance Initiative (FRI) for overseas Pakistanis, was offering the cost-free money transfer service to public.

Addressing the World Post Day ceremony here in Postal staff Collage, Murad said that international remittances initiative in collaboration with the National Bank of Pakistan was lunched to facilitate Pakistani expatriates to send their remittances through lawful means in the country.

“Offering minimal charges on money order to be sent or received through this initiative, now when a hard worker labourer working in UAE or KSA would send 1000 Rayal, His family would receive exact 1000 Rayal without any deduction”, Murad said.

He said Post had to work hard to bridge the trust deficit that people had about the performance of this department. “However, now more people were opting Pakistan post as their courier and money order services which was proof of people’s trust in state-run postal service”, he said. Previous governments had totally ignored this important field that could generate revenue for state along with providing immense employment opportunities for youth, he added.

“We have a largest network of post offices across the country and right now 230 stations were being operated under this initiative. We will expand the area of FRI services gradually”, he said, adding “Overseas Pakistanis would be able to send their money free of cost at their home stations with the help of our network.” Murad Saeed said that the payment solutions and logistics policy for the post were being improvised and will be completed in next two months.

“With the help of all the innovative steps that we are taking, Pakistan Post will be the biggest contributor to the economy in next three years”, Minister hoped.

He said the FRI was aimed at encouraging the overseas Pakistanis to remit their hard-earned money through legal means which would eventually boost country’s foreign exchange.