PML N leader Maryam Nawaz faces yet another setback

PML N leader Maryam Nawaz faces yet another setback

*LAHORE: **Pakistan Muslim League leader Maryam Nawaz faces yet another setback from the Accountability Court.*

*National Accountability Bureau (NAB) presented Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) vice president Maryam Nawaz before the court in connection with Chaudhry Sugar Mill case.*

As per details, Maryam and her cousin Yousuf Abbas, who is also accused in the case, were brought to an accountability court of Lahore as their judicial remands were expired today.

The accountability court extended the judicial remand of both the accused for another 14 days.

As the hearing went underway, Accountability Judge Jawwad-ul-Hasan Chaudhry expressed displeasure over people taking selfies with Maryam Nawaz inside the courtroom. He ordered everyone to switch off their phones.

Later, Maryam’s legal counsels sought permission to meet her in the court’s side room, to which, the accountability judge asked the lawyers to ensure the presence of no irrelevant person during the meeting.

However, irrelevant persons did make their way to the meeting between Maryam and her lawyers. Judge Jawwad-ul-Hasan Chaudhry was extremely furious over the incident.