Lady wardens appointed on various roads

Lady wardens appointed on various roads

ISLAMABAD-:Traffic police have appointed lady wardens on various city roads

to regulate vehicular traffic and deal with female violators besides convincing them for abiding by traffic rules. CTP spokesman said on Wednesday that lady wardens had been deputed on road to deal with women who were driving vehicles

without licenses or other violations.

He said that male wardens are already performing duties in the city but they were facing severe difficulties when they found any female violating traffic rules and now lady wardens could easily deal the female violators and persuade them for obeying traffic rules.

Lady traffic warden Fakhira Shaukat was appointed in Sector Millat Town, Khusbakh Shahid at Lorry Adda, Maliha Khatoon at Lorrdy Adda, Shehla

Anjum at Abdullah Pur, Shabana Kausar at Millat Town, Qurratul Ainat Lorry Adda, Aqeela Kausar at Lorry Adda, Sumera Andleeb at Samanabad, Shabana Khanum at Samanabad, Nadia at People’s Colony, Fariha Riaz at D-Ground, Farkhanda Parveen at D-Ground, Nadia Musawwar at D-Ground, Shamsa Kanwal at People’s Colony, Amina Jabeen and Azra Batool at Gulberg, Sadaf Jilani and Gulnaz Akhtar at Samanabad, Saubia Tasleem at Jhang Road, Sonia Mehwish at Gulberg, Iram Naz at Samanabad, Shaoona Rasheed at Gulberg, Sumera Anwar and Fauzia Tariq at Abdullah Pur, Memoona Iram and Shazia Parveen at Gulberg, Sonia Anwar, Naheed Akhtar and Fauzia Akbar at People’s Colony, Huma Gulnaz at Jhang Road, Kiran Shehzadi at Millat Town, Zainab

Basharat, Madiha Hasan, Alia Khursheed at Clock Tower Chowk and Sania Riffat at Samanabad Sector.