Ramzan 2019 moon sighted in Pakistan

Ramzan 2019 moon sighted in Pakistan

*ISLAMABAD - Ramazan al Mubarak commenced in Pakistan with the nightfall on Monday, May 6th, bringing with it auspices and blessings of Almighty Allah.*

With the start of Ramazan, scores of people throughout the country were seen preparing themselves for Taraveeh prayers whereas markets were seen full of shoppers procuring items for Seher and Iftar foods.

Apart from the festivities, at many places around the country, arrangements were being made to feed and fulfil the needs of the less fortunate ones of the society through various charitable networks.

Ramazan in Pakistan this time coincides with May, one of the hottest years in several parts of the country.

In this regard, arrangements have been made to manage heat strokes by different civic institutions and charity networks. Camps have been established with medical supplies to provide first aid to any affectee of heat stroke.

Ramazan moon was not sighted on Saturday, May 4th, therefore, it was notified by the Central Ruet-e-Hilal Committee that the holy month would start from Monday (today).