Why India not allowing Amnesty International to visit occupied Kashmir

Why India not allowing Amnesty International to visit occupied Kashmir

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan High Commissioner to Canada Tariq Azim Khan Friday met Alex Neve Secretary General Amnesty International , Canada to discuss the Indian ruthlessness being carried out against innocent Kashmiris.

According to a message received  here, High Commissioner briefed the Secretary General on the situation in Indian

occupied Kashmir where hundreds of civilians, especially the youth, were blinded through use of pallet guns by the occupational forces.


Pallet shot guns have been responsible for blinding, killing and traumatizing thousands of people in occupied Kashmir and violates international standards under UN code of conduct, he added.

High Commissioner underlined that Canada is considered as the flag bearer and champion of human rights, and Prime

Minister Justin Trudeau, in his forthcoming visit to India, should take up the issue of human right violations in the Indian occupied Kashmir.


Secretary General informed the High Commissioner that it is unfortunate that India is not allowing access to Amnesty International and other international human right organizations to visit parts of Kashmir which are under siege by the Indian forces.

He informed the High Commissioner that Amnesty International will urge Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to take up the human rights violations issue with the Indian government during his visit.


He also briefed the High Commissioner about the postcard campaign, against use of pallet guns, initiated by Amnesty International India.APP

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