PTCL unveils new charges for the Internet Packages

PTCL unveils new charges for the Internet Packages

ISLAMABAD - PTCL is one of the biggest broadband internet providers in Pakistan. Early into 2019, PTCL has revised the prices for its unlimited packages, varying based on the speed of the connection.

The speeds offered by PTCL are up to 25 Mbps on ADSL, 50 Mbps on VDSL and 250 Mbps on GPON (fiber). Installation Charges

- Getting a new internet connection when there is an existing Landlicoststs: Rs. 2,499 (inclusive of tax) - Getting the Double Play (landline and internet) or Triple Play (landline, internet, and Smart TV) installation costs: Rs. 5,000 (inclusive of tax)

GPON Installation Charges

- Installation of a New Fiber to the Home (GPON) connection costs: Rs. 15,000 (upfront)

- Conversion of existing copper connection to GPON costs: Rs. 7,500 (upfront)

The new prices for PTCL’s ADSL/VDSL and GPON packages are as follows: link *Freedom Unlimited is the default package unless some other package is chosen.