Hamza Amin becomes first Pakistani Golfer to play Australian open

ISLAMABAD: Golf Plyer Hamza Amin has become the first Pakistani to play Australia open Golf Tournament 2015. Earlier this year, Amin also has won the One Asia Tour Card. Amin also played an important role to increase the fan of Golf game in Pakistan because Pakistanis are a cricket crazy nation. “There’s a big following and it would be nice to perform,” said Amin. He further said in his statement that, now people are taking interest in Q schools. Cricket has a lot of importance for Pakistanis because everyone loves cricket. Media also gives importance to cricket and cover its related news. Hockey is also not popular but cricket has all money. Amin performed well in Australia open tournament and recovered from a deflating 13 over in tricky conditions to post a respectable two over 73. It was also the same score recorded by former World no 1 Adam Scott. Amin said that it was a good experience to play in Australia and Australian conditions were little bit difficult for him. “We don’t get those conditions back home. I made three birdies in a row (on Friday) so there was a good little run,” he added. ?