PM Imran Khan responds over the historic Afghanistan deal with a word of warning

PM Imran Khan responds over the historic Afghanistan deal with a word of warning

ISLAMABAD - Prime Minister Imran Khan has welcomed the signing of historic peace agreement between the United States and Afghan Taliban, while cautioning all stakeholders to not let the “spoilers” sabotage the peace efforts.

“This is the start of a peace and reconciliation process to end decades of war and suffering of the Afghan people. I have always maintained that a political solution, no matter how complex, is the only meaningful path to peace,” said the premier in a tweet minutes after the agreement was signed in Doha.

In a follow up tweet, he also cautioned all stakeholders including the Afghan government, Taliban, US and others “to ensure that spoilers are kept at bay”.

“My prayers for peace for the Afghan people who have suffered for decades of bloodshed. Pakistan is committed to playing its role in ensuring the agreement holds and succeeds in bringing peace to Afghanistan,” wrote the premier.

The Foreign Office in an official statement also welcomed the signing of landmark peace agreement between US and Taliban that would see the gradual withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi attended the deal signing ceremony on the invitation of Qatar in Doha and “welcomed the signing of the Peace Agreement and said that it carried immense importance — both in symbolism and substance — for Afghanistan, the region and beyond,” according to the FO statement.

Shah Mahmood Qureshi said that Pakistan wants a “responsible withdrawal” of US troops from Afghanistan. He made the comments in Doha, where he was invited to witness a peace deal between the United States and Afghanistan.

He said the peace agreement reflected a significant step forward by the US and the Taliban in advancing the ultimate aim of peace and reconciliation in Afghanistan. “He also appreciated personal contribution of Amir of Qatar to this process.”