Punjab Police Hotel Eye surveillance system reaps results

Punjab Police Hotel Eye surveillance system reaps results


Punjab police notorious for its atrocities and abuse of power has earned laurels for its use of technology for curbing crime and criminals in the province with the latest use of surviellance software.

Punjab police have identified as many as 2,279 suspects by using the Hotel Eye software developed by the Punjab Information Technology Board and launched in January 2016.

Hotel Eye is a web-based system for the Punjab police to log the check-ins, checkouts and personal details of guests at hotels across the province. 

The software was rolled out in phases and the pilot project was launched on an experimental basis in Lahore in January 2015.

The upgraded application was formally launched on January 1, 2016 and extended throughout Punjab.

In 2016, Hotel Eye helped police identify 1,476 people with 1,072 of them having criminal records, 11 included in the Fourth Schedule list and 393 nominated in different FIRs.

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