PM Imran Khan strongly reacts over the terrorist attacks in Balochistan

PM Imran Khan strongly reacts over the terrorist attacks in Balochistan

ISLAMABAD – Prime Minister Imran Khan has strongly condemned the terrorist attacks in Turbat and Quetta in which four Frontier Corps (FC) personnel were martyred.

In a statement shared on Twitter, the premier reiterated his resolve that fight against terror elements will not be stopped.

“Strongly condemn terrorist attacks against our soldiers in Balochistan last night, martyring 4 soldiers & injuring 8. My prayers & condolences go to the martyrs families. We will continue our fight ag these terrorists & will not allow them to sabotage peace & dev in Balochistan,” he wrote.

Four Frontier Corps embraced martyrdom and six others sustained injuries during two separate terrorist attacks in Quetta and Turbat, districts of Balochistan, the military media wing said Tuesday.

According to Inter-Services Public Relations, the FC post was targeted by terrorists near Pir Ismail Ziarat in Quetta late Monday. The attack led to an exchange of fire which continued for some time. ‘4-5 terrorists [were] killed while 7/8 are injured. During the exchange of fire four brave FC soldiers embraced martyrdom while 6 soldiers got injured’, the statement reads.

The second terror attack occurred in the Turbat area where terrorists targeted a vehicle of Frontier Corps with an improvised explosive device (IED). Two of the soldiers of the paramilitary force got injured.

The statement of ISPR further added that ‘hard-earned peace and prosperity in Balochistan could not be sabotaged by such coward acts by anti-state forces as Pakistan armed forces are determined to neutralise their nefarious designs even at the cost of blood and lives’.