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  1. Akeel Ahmed

    Akeel Ahmed

    Well done peoples of Yemen

  2. Ijaz Ali

    Ijaz Ali

    Well done may Allah bless this respect and dignity to Pakistani leadership and armed forces

  3. Akash Gupta

    Akash Gupta

    That might be Tv 📺 antennae time to cross check…

  4. Ather Malik

    Ather Malik

    saudi Arab ko toba.karo …as molk kay loog ko PTA chalay mooth kya cheze hoti hai ….

  5. Imran Khan

    Imran Khan

    Good. Amrici army jaha bhe hn maro.

  6. حسبي الله

    حسبي الله

    There are serious war crimes being committed in Yemen too, no one speaking about it

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