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  1. Muhammad Asad

    Muhammad Asad

    Thank god, just stop all the funding we dont want it, at last we will be out of yankees influence

  2. Salman Abid

    Salman Abid

    Hahahaha ?? do what you want. We completed our Atomic program without caring US sanctions. We will do what is beneficial for Pakistan…

  3. Hemendra Tiwari

    Hemendra Tiwari

    Ab bheekh leni h toh baat toh manni padegi na!

  4. Tariq Makhdum

    Tariq Makhdum

    Khuda krey k us k ganday azaem se nijat milay

  5. Touseef Khan

    Touseef Khan

    Ya begherat Pakistani government abh b mang mang k khaye ga begherato Tipu Sultan ke kul bhol gaye Ghedar ke 100 sall zindage sy Sheer ke aik din zindage behtar hai. Allah ny keasy begherat Pakistan k hakumrano k dhor mi humy payda keya hai Allah maf kry

  6. Arush Chowdhary

    Arush Chowdhary

    Oh teri..yeh Kya hogaya

  7. Asad Ali

    Asad Ali

    Very good step i think

  8. Dar Yunus

    Dar Yunus

    As soon as possible, pak should snap relationship with US…. It will harm pak interests In every way Possible…..And For Pak Allah is sufficient….

  9. Zain Alam

    Zain Alam

    We should stop helping them and stop spending for them, stop transit facilities etc, so we don’t have to request any reimbursement. That way we can plug the ass of disloyal Americans. AS in the pas, ths time again they forgot we sacrificed more than 50000 lives for them, wasted our economy in that mess up. They rewarded our enemy gave them civil nuclear del, NSG help etc and supplied them weapons with technology etc. Let’s plug their ass openly now.

  10. Muhammad Atif Iqbal

    Muhammad Atif Iqbal

    USA and Endia simply Go to Hell

  11. Sãûrâbh Sìñgh

    Sãûrâbh Sìñgh

    Hope ….Now Porkis Know Their Auqaad…???

  12. Raja Shahzeb Khan

    Raja Shahzeb Khan

    Yeh hogaye yun ker tumhari bharat mata america kii laundi ban gayi ?

  13. Mir Yaseen Ahmad

    Mir Yaseen Ahmad

    Pakistan close US embassy

  14. Arush Chowdhary

    Arush Chowdhary

    Raja Shahzeb Khan pehle Tum the ?isliye waise sochte hai tum

  15. Sajid Fareed Muhammad

    Sajid Fareed Muhammad

    Hhhhhaaaaaa poor piss drinkers

  16. Qaisar Waqar

    Qaisar Waqar

    Good enough.. time to say tata to Yanks

  17. Shahid Parvez

    Shahid Parvez

    No need funds just get out from Pakistan.

  18. Mansoor Ali

    Mansoor Ali

    Love u america. Our elite assholes will not go on self sustainability. That’s why we are expecting u. Ban every asshole aid. Ur 23 billion dollars are already in elite class accounts and u have made a big mess in Afghanistan.

  19. Shahid Hussain

    Shahid Hussain

    Why are they taking funds?

  20. Khazar Suleman

    Khazar Suleman

    Pakistan is a great country, all we need is a patriotic, honest and fearless leadership who could tell Yankees, you can stick your aid and your help, from now on Pakistan will do whatever is best for Pakistan’s national interest. It’s only possible when we manage to get rid of the corrupt political Mafia who only work for the western interest because they are the western puppets

  21. Asad Gulzar

    Asad Gulzar

    We don’t need their aid.

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