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  1. Naimat Hussain

    Naimat Hussain

    And each indian person has toilet made of bricks & their mouths…

  2. Izaz Khan

    Izaz Khan

    Tjey will kill the civilian due to poor intelligence shared by afghan ground forces

  3. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Bill cartor it’s nothing compaired to india 😆.

  4. Jacky Samuels

    Jacky Samuels

    Did US & NATO achieved anything since last 16 years of carpet bombing in Afghanistan that it will achieve now .. US is just trying to save its image which is taking a hard hit each passing day .. nobody takes America seriously now as its a sinking shipb

  5. Zehsan Haider

    Zehsan Haider

    you are absolutely right

  6. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard

    That is correct : Pakistan lacks toilets , clean drinking water & Goat meat

  7. Syed Arslan Bukhari

    Syed Arslan Bukhari

    Bill Cartor Mayank you look like a toilet kindly come to Pakistan we need toilets..;) we can use your mouth as a toilet.. You. Indians look like a black toilet can drink piss maybe can eat popp …;) you can try..

  8. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard

    Metro Railway lines completed in 19 Indian Cities so far & the Bullet train construction to start soon. In contrast , the Orange train has turned Bananas.

  9. Shahid Arshad

    Shahid Arshad

    After all USA is friendly nation of Afghanistan. ..

  10. Huzaifa Khan

    Huzaifa Khan

    And these afghani gandus hate Pakistan thats they say we do this …shame on u afgholis..

  11. Tariq Makhdum

    Tariq Makhdum

    Killing innocent muslims everywhere…. ya Allah ! Khoon e muslims why become so cheap now ?

  12. Ijaz Ali

    Ijaz Ali

    They will kill many innocent kids and females

  13. Anand Singh

    Anand Singh

    Pakistanis think only pakistan army has every capabilities but sorry to say your army isn’t under top 10 hahahahahah
    Go and search top 10 armies

  14. Daud Khan

    Daud Khan

    Anand Singh ur RAW isnt in top 5,our ISI no 1,our SSG COMMANDOS ranked no 1 .
    Pakistan is ranked 7th as a nuclear power ahead of India. Pakistan’s milItary strength ranked no 11 because military in strength all the active soldiers and equipment are taken into account ,THERE is no skill based rankings of army in the world like agencies and and special forces.

  15. Adnan Khan Khan

    Adnan Khan Khan

    Keep destroying Afghanistan. They are sleeping anyway

  16. Zain Ul Abideen

    Zain Ul Abideen

    Afganistan has mountainous terrain so aircraft bombing does not have significant effect .

  17. Mihir Khula

    Mihir Khula

    Well done to Afghandu puppet government. Fucking serves you right.

  18. Bilal Ahmed

    Bilal Ahmed

    Gand lagi phutnay to niyaz lagi batnay

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