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  1. Nihaayat Shareef

    Nihaayat Shareef

    Thanks a lot and u know the value of this match… thanks a lot

  2. Bilal Mehar

    Bilal Mehar

    Thank u most lovely president…

  3. Amirsyed Hussainshah

    Amirsyed Hussainshah

    Excellent so wonderful zaberdast so also wishes regards love from Pakistan national

  4. Shahid Hussain

    Shahid Hussain

    Congrats you too dear sister

  5. Nazakat Baloch

    Nazakat Baloch

    Umer Baba Hasnain Hyder Engr Moiez Munawer Mohammad Umer

  6. Ahmed Sadat

    Ahmed Sadat

    Wow thank you so much Tayyab Erdogan, love you Turkey

  7. Eylul Caglayan

    Eylul Caglayan

    It refere with a call, so it will be true

  8. Syed Hasan Danish

    Syed Hasan Danish

    The real leader..may Allah bring peace around him and give him strength to fight the unjust in middle east..

  9. Deeba Kalim

    Deeba Kalim

    True friend of pakiatan Turkey

  10. Syed Hasan Danish

    Syed Hasan Danish

    May Allah give wisdom to khadim harmai shareef to think positively about umma nor americans or jews thoughts and idealogy implimentation….

  11. Rai Nasir Abbas

    Rai Nasir Abbas

    Thank You brother country

  12. Raja Mani

    Raja Mani

    Welcome to our turkish brothers.

  13. Edward Jade

    Edward Jade

    Thanks you are great leader!

  14. Abid Khan Joy

    Abid Khan Joy

    pakistan is like father and India is son of them

  15. Shahidul Islam

    Shahidul Islam

    80% Bangladeshi were happy for lost Indian Dog!

  16. Shah Faisal

    Shah Faisal

    Thank you my brother Turkey ❤️

  17. Azhar Syed

    Azhar Syed

    Here in Indian occupied Kashmir the victory ix celebrated like Eid…..firecrackers evry where…..luv u

  18. Mohammad Taha

    Mohammad Taha

    Congratulations to you as well sister, as you guys are one of us too?

  19. Danial Hifaz

    Danial Hifaz

    Thankyou Mr President …. Muslim Victory ….

  20. Yasir Mughal

    Yasir Mughal

    Thank u Mr. President

  21. میاخېل عنایت الله

    میاخېل عنایت الله

    cricket is immense political game.

  22. Aman Khan

    Aman Khan

    Thanks Mr president, love u & Turkey , we honour ur well wishing comments.

  23. Muheem Tålpur

    Muheem Tålpur

    Rishi kapoor’s mother taking tea in through plate..!!!

    Rishi kapoor : Maa why are you drinking tea in plate..?

    Phishi kapoor’s Mother : Beta Kiya karun cup tera baap lay gaya naa?????
    Happy Father’s Day beta ??INDIA??

  24. SaleEm Ajaz

    SaleEm Ajaz

    Thnku brothers…need ur help n support to heal our Kashmir????…..n congratulations……..long live pakistan…..

  25. Abdul Hannan Sadiq

    Abdul Hannan Sadiq

    I really respect Tayyip and Justin Turedu

  26. Dark Castle

    Dark Castle

    @MBilalKenasari Turkiye and Pakistan are bloodbrothers ??❤

  27. HamZa Hür

    HamZa Hür

    He is faster than the Flash ?

  28. Ahmadshah Ahmadshah

    Ahmadshah Ahmadshah

    To you also leader of Muslim ommah!

  29. Cuneyt Harman

    Cuneyt Harman

    Congratulations pakistan hopefully champion again

  30. Nighat Mukhtar

    Nighat Mukhtar

    love n respect from kashmir

  31. Ashraf Ahmad

    Ashraf Ahmad

    Thanks brother you too, you deserve congratulations too as brother. We were together, we are together and we will be together.

  32. Muhammad Usama

    Muhammad Usama

    SaleEm Ajaz bhai Insha-Allah with the favour of Allah Almighty one day Kashmir will get Azadi.Thank you for congratulation.

  33. Thakur Inderjit Singh

    Thakur Inderjit Singh

    Bhikaru ko roti ka tukda kia mila to pagl hoo gy

  34. Asad Ashraf

    Asad Ashraf

    Respect from Pakistan ????

  35. Kadir Balı

    Kadir Balı

    You became champions? CONGRATS BRO ??

  36. Mahad Khalid

    Mahad Khalid

    Kashmir will soon free insha Allah tribute to you to face the indian cruelty thanks ?? for your support one day you will get freedom from indians ? palestine n kashmir soon got freedom insha Allah

  37. Miqdad Haider

    Miqdad Haider

    Anai Baniaz Zawad Haider

  38. Ali Ahmed

    Ali Ahmed

    Jaa be bhag gand pe burnol laga ??

  39. Zehsan Haider

    Zehsan Haider

    Today Indian women became widows HAHAHAHAHAHA

  40. Khalid Bin Walid

    Khalid Bin Walid

    Congratulations Pakistan ?? from Bangladesh ??

  41. M Wasim Jadoon

    M Wasim Jadoon

    Thanx Mr President ! ❤❤❤

  42. Asad Afridi

    Asad Afridi

    God bless you sir lots of love from pakistan ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  43. Anjum Hassan

    Anjum Hassan

    Probably a fake news but thanks anyways 😀 :-p

  44. Muhammad Arslan

    Muhammad Arslan

    Kadir Balı yeah by crushing Dick sucking Indians

  45. Arbab Mohammad Sarwar

    Arbab Mohammad Sarwar

    Da hum la ka zmong kha ozgar de… Hakam Khan

  46. Raja Usama

    Raja Usama

    Love kashmir and kashmiri people. IA kashmir will soon be free

  47. Muhammad Rashid Sawati

    Muhammad Rashid Sawati

    We Pakistani nation named this victory to our brave and freedom fighters of Kashmir peoples who fight against india. Love you my Kashmir peoples. Enjoye…* Go India go back

  48. Sunny Malik

    Sunny Malik

    Thank you uncle mari tarf sa ap ka chicks par ak papi idhar ak papi udar

  49. Ayaz Zaryani

    Ayaz Zaryani

    Man of character… thanks

  50. Zubair Ahmed

    Zubair Ahmed

    thanks pakistan
    Respect from Bangladesh

  51. Arslan Jilani

    Arslan Jilani

    Thank you soo much sir Tayyab Ordgan

  52. Shaz Arif

    Shaz Arif

    Ahmet Orta Hamza Orta Emel Genese
    Maximum respect to our Turkish brethren! ???

  53. ??CHAMPIONS??


    @saaadmalikk I bet it was shehbaz sharif who convinced him to watch

  54. Sherry Sheer

    Sherry Sheer

    Any haramkhor afghani around?

  55. F Rabi Fazal

    F Rabi Fazal

    Ohhhh thnk you sir ,

  56. Mehmet Demirli

    Mehmet Demirli

    We support our brother Pakistan in türkey. ..

  57. Abdur Raziq Mohmand

    Abdur Raziq Mohmand

    @Awan_40 great leader thanku

  58. Umar Butt

    Umar Butt

    Thankyou sir ❤️????❤️

  59. Azlal Khan

    Azlal Khan

    Hamza Syed respects ❤️

  60. Savaş ülger

    Savaş ülger

    congratulations brother Pakistan.

  61. Anees Asghar

    Anees Asghar

    love you kashmir….

  62. MD Jiaul Hoque

    MD Jiaul Hoque

    We love from Bangladesh.

  63. Raj Razzak

    Raj Razzak

    really Erdogan is a great leader for our muslim ummah. thank you our beloved leader may Allah helps you.

  64. Jaffar Akbari

    Jaffar Akbari

    Thanks Mr. Tayyp Ordogan

  65. Muhammad Tayyab Yousuf

    Muhammad Tayyab Yousuf

    Fazal Karim Mahsud chk kr bachy

  66. Amir Khan

    Amir Khan

    Thanks TURKEY !! Thanks Mr.TAYYAB ERDOGAN !!

  67. Harris Jabbar

    Harris Jabbar

    Nouman Malik Sherafzal Khan

  68. rahul pahurkar

    rahul pahurkar

    Pakistan ki aukad hi itni hai ek match kya Jeet Liya hawa kar rahe hai

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