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  1. Rihaan Bhat

    Rihaan Bhat

    maa di lunn maari aiseee judiciary ki ….

    Maa daa fuda aisay judges..kaaa… value of human lives ….

    What lund country is fuddistan

  2. John Harris

    John Harris

    Oppression of Minorities in Pakistan go unabashedly unabated.

  3. Faizan Afzal

    Faizan Afzal

    Why minorities are teasing our religion ??

  4. Irfan Rafiq

    Irfan Rafiq

    Minorities are bound to follow laws of Pakistan. If they dont follow punishment is obligatory.

  5. Gullu Butt

    Gullu Butt

    Faizan Afzal saalay ghashti ki aulad

  6. Irfan Rafiq

    Irfan Rafiq

    Why cow slaughtering is punished in your country.

  7. Ashar Nasir

    Ashar Nasir

    Salman Sharaqpur police station

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