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  1. Sohail Pasha

    Sohail Pasha

    he should loose his licence

  2. Saad Baloch

    Saad Baloch

    Shame shame & shame on you pig ….

  3. Engr Abdul Rehman

    Engr Abdul Rehman

    What a great step by additional advocate general.
    Because slapping person is known when I arrested by police than giving some money as Rishwat and will be free.

  4. Pareeshay Noor

    Pareeshay Noor

    The man he slapped should be ordered to slap him in front of media as he do 😡😡

  5. Jamshaid Khan

    Jamshaid Khan

    Chlu acha hai adlia ko bhi bhi bht shok tha k ksi ko na roko…koi darshan sai mhrom na rhy..adlia bdla lai kr dikhay

  6. Rai Nasir Abbas

    Rai Nasir Abbas

    Noon league full of gundas.. behaving like MQM. Shame on this lawyer illegal act.

  7. Mustafa Marwat

    Mustafa Marwat

    Shameful and notorious attitude of N-league

  8. Mihir Khula

    Mihir Khula

    Arrest him and put him on trial for assault.

  9. Nouman Khan

    Nouman Khan

    Shame on the police officer if there was sme honest officer he would drag this asshole on the roads .

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