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  1. Afsar Ali

    Afsar Ali

    Nobody’s can touch remember…..All nation stand with Hafiz Sir

  2. Muhammad Waleed

    Muhammad Waleed

    Pious man. May Allah protect him (Ameen).

  3. Raja Shamraiz Khan

    Raja Shamraiz Khan

    Kashmiri love him and what Pakistan Government has achieved so for in dialogue with India ????
    Pakistan government should open his eyes now because India is only playing and looking time to create problems for Pakistan.

  4. Sona Shah

    Sona Shah

    Pakistan always finds new ways to shoot its own foot and find itself humiliated internationally all the time. But one can understand the problem too. If Pak takes drastic action against a global terrorist they have empowered and sheltered in their own backyard, then he is obviously going to burn your country first. Looks like Pak will be embroiled in this tricky conflict for another 10 years

  5. Kumar Gaurav

    Kumar Gaurav

    Some Kashmiris love IsIs too,
    Unko bhi apne yahan bula lo,

    And if Pakistan protects it’s good terror, then you deserve to bleed by bad taliban, we should not sympathize you for APS like attack.

  6. Malik Umar Salim

    Malik Umar Salim

    Allah pak bachae Hafiz saeed ko

  7. Maria Taurus

    Maria Taurus

    first of all mind your business n pay attention to your dirty randia..second thing Why you are supporting nerinder modi(The dog) ??he is also a terrorist..First work for the betterment of your own house n thoughts then deliver your useless lectures to us…get lost now..idiot

  8. Shahíd Äkbar Qaìsaraní

    Shahíd Äkbar Qaìsaraní

    Who is Global terririst??? shame on You ,,,

  9. Tariq Rasool

    Tariq Rasool

    he is real hero yahi hum kashmiru ki awaz hai i slute u

  10. Saad Iqbal

    Saad Iqbal

    9 ماه نظر بندی بغیر کسی ایف آئی آر اور ثبوت کے مگر پهر بهی زبان پر کوئی شکوه نہیں، دوسری طرف نظریہ پاکستان کے مخالف، کرپشن کے ماہر جن کے خلاف جے آئی ٹی نے ثبوتوں کے ڈهیر لگا دیئے اور عدالت نے نااہل قرار دے دیا وه آج تک رونا رو رہے ہیں ” مجهے کیوں نکالا !”.
    آفرین ہے حافظ سعید پر …

  11. Furkan Qureshi

    Furkan Qureshi

    pakistan or kar bhi kia sakta h tab international pressure aaye to andar kar do fir India ke khila…

  12. Jayam


    Now award him the highest civilian award in Pakistan. Terrorism and CT, can’t go hand in hand.

  13. kamrantahawar11


    in the interest of pakistan prosperity we have to drink bitter mouth full water

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