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  1. Ashraf Ahmad

    Ashraf Ahmad

    The DG IB is an honest and responsible person as can imagine by his services in different institutions, his statement was very clear and have no connection or evidence to provide any informations to prime minister house or any person related to case. The IB or any other agencies always collect informations of different institutions or persons regarding security purposes or different issues, so no one think about any suspected role of IB regarding the Panama issue, the objections of JIT are really personal as hacking of the Facebook account, Twitter mentioning that the got active relations with different political parties which is against the positions they are holding. They can’t be appropriate for their positions or members of JIT investigating some political leaders having key position in the country and from the party against their political views. There are number of issues against these personalties which make their position awkward to be the member of JIT.

  2. Rajput Bhatti

    Rajput Bhatti

    So harami kanjer ganja-chor has corrupted two intelligence agencies. When will we be rid of this bastard.

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