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  1. Nawabzada Farooq Khan

    Nawabzada Farooq Khan

    Hahahahaha da charg da malge da satalu sara sa kar dyy

  2. Rana Faheem

    Rana Faheem

    don’t laugh at others demise.

  3. Hamid Raza Gujjar

    Hamid Raza Gujjar

    so bad, not good for afghan brothers

  4. Agha M Arian

    Agha M Arian

    This was not sucide but gas salender explosion lol.

  5. BehXad Khawaja

    BehXad Khawaja

    Ya Allah tera shukar ha ye namak haram jo kal tk bol rhy thy aj moun ki khani pari🤗asman ka thuka moun pe gira #NamakHaram

  6. BehXad Khawaja

    BehXad Khawaja

    Ab bulao indian players ko apni league me🤣😂🙏😂🤣

  7. BehXad Khawaja

    BehXad Khawaja

    In sha Allah pakistan me cricket bahal honay ja rae ha in sha Allah

  8. Izaz Khan

    Izaz Khan

    Yesterday taliban captured a whole district in Nuristan province of Afghanistan one sucide attack is a cylinder blast for Afghan ppl.

  9. BehXad Khawaja

    BehXad Khawaja

    Yeah yeah we can understand its was the taliban who was playing salender salender 🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  10. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Every Afghan is not bad and not namak haram bhai there are many patriot Afghans living in our country.

  11. BehXad Khawaja

    BehXad Khawaja

    Alhamdulillah bro i am not pointing all afghans i just mean to point out afghan govt overall afghanis r our brothers alhamdulillah

  12. Kumar Gaurav

    Kumar Gaurav

    Dusre ke dukh pe khush na ho,
    Allah aapko bhi dega, thora intezaar kar lo.

  13. Shbr Naqiwal

    Shbr Naqiwal

    Bao wai ghul marjanaa sta da eng

  14. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Kumar fuck of don’t interfere.

  15. Zia Ur Rehman

    Zia Ur Rehman

    Fahad Kashmiri .lekin ziada namak haram hai yaha😠

  16. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Bhai muhabbat sb kuch bdlai gi inshaallah maazi dekha jai toh hum pkai bhai hai jang mai hum sathi thai India nhi kya bhaiyo mai kbhi lrai nhi hui?? Unity soon.

  17. Zia Ur Rehman

    Zia Ur Rehman

    hmara afridi bi jaraha ta league kailne haha. shukar hai ruk gya

  18. MOhammad Salman

    MOhammad Salman

    If there was a cylinder on stadium’s gate, forces would have moved it aside for security reasons. Surely it was a suicide blast. You can only fool yourself.

  19. Sahib Singh

    Sahib Singh

    Pakistani ISI terrorist

  20. Agha M Arian

    Agha M Arian

    You bosters are not muslims, being an atomic power you cant ever rise your voice for rohingia muslims.

  21. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard

    This is a clear Pakistani hand involved.

  22. MOhammad Salman

    MOhammad Salman

    And here you, afghans are commenting on fb. Why dont you go to Myanmar?

  23. Agha M Arian

    Agha M Arian

    Our heroes are over there my son for the last ten days.

  24. BehXad Khawaja

    BehXad Khawaja

    We r muslims alhamdulillah don’t need prove to anyone okay…& we cannot do anything except political solutions because according to map there is india nd bangladesh who touch mayanmar border overall all muslims including afghans r our brothers ماشااللہ

  25. Ehsan Khan

    Ehsan Khan

    How u managed to use internet ??? U r in american base right now????

  26. Zehsan Haider

    Zehsan Haider

    lagta hay kah ab Afghanistan par bhi cricket kay darwazay bund hoo gay hain.

  27. MOhammad Salman

    MOhammad Salman

    why dont you go yourself? Whats stopping you for raising your voice against plight? And secondly, dude, Im not your son. Stay in your limits.

  28. Agha M Arian

    Agha M Arian

    but why some of our brothers are looking happy for today blast in kabul.

  29. Arman Khan Shinwari

    Arman Khan Shinwari

    Fuck your sister’s and son of heera mandi

  30. Izaz Khan

    Izaz Khan

    we have already 3.5 lakh Rohanhiya muslims in Pakistan, and we are happy for evey failure for Persian afghan who are doing cruel atrocities over pashtun of Afghanistan

  31. ابو محمد طھہ

    ابو محمد طھہ

    Agha M Arian I hope you know how Afghan Government treating Pakistan and supporting Hindustan so why radiculs question

  32. Javid Safi

    Javid Safi

    Dont worry guys its a cylinder explosion

  33. Arman Khan Shinwari

    Arman Khan Shinwari

    Here all Pakistani is very happy it’s mean you people our enemy and inshAllah when bomb blast in Pakistan and we will happy too be remember

  34. Shahid Khan Meo

    Shahid Khan Meo

    Raw Indian terrorist agency involve in these activities.

  35. Agha M Arian

    Agha M Arian

    ابو محمد طھہif you look to the policy and deeds of your double game policy makers against afghans for the last 20 years then you can easily judge that what is wrong and what is wright.

  36. Tahir Mehmood

    Tahir Mehmood


  37. Moazzam Shaikh

    Moazzam Shaikh

    Agha M Arain brother i really condemn it because afghan are Muslims and our brother so dont be spread hatred spread peace and love an dhigher than humanity may Allah unite ummah

  38. NOman KhanzAda

    NOman KhanzAda

    Asim Nisar aw da spee hm mong ta khabare kye 😂

  39. Moazzam Shaikh

    Moazzam Shaikh

    Shut your mouth and go to lick the indian dick

  40. Tahir Mehmood

    Tahir Mehmood


  41. Muhammad Waqas

    Muhammad Waqas

    O bahi kafir yeh he chta ha k Muslims aps meh lary demag sy kam lo tere jasy 10 bandy Yaha hamary doast han kuda ka nam Mano or doast or dushman meh farak Karna seekh lo.

  42. Zehsan Haider

    Zehsan Haider

    We are happy since you insulted us by not sending your team to Pakistan by your shitty excuse of insecurity, right? Now we will see who will come to your country after this blast. At least are cricket World Champions.

  43. Saif Khan Baber

    Saif Khan Baber

    Dekh is hindu gaandu ko auqat hi bhool gya apny

  44. Zehsan Haider

    Zehsan Haider

    May be you farted so badly, but you need to make those international players believe that it was your farting and not the suicide bomb HAHAHAHAHAHHA

  45. Muhammad Hamza Ali

    Muhammad Hamza Ali

    Pakistan was also involved in your birth too…..😂😂

  46. Sheikh Nadar Khan

    Sheikh Nadar Khan

    Der sexy English de lekaly😀😀😇😇😇😁😁😁

  47. Saif Khan Baber

    Saif Khan Baber

    Yes but when there is b0mb blast U people celebrating cowards

  48. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard

    Muhammad Hamza Ali But We will be involved in your meet with your 72 Virgin Goats.

  49. Arman Khan Shinwari

    Arman Khan Shinwari

    We want to friendship because we are Muslim and Pakistan is our second home and Afghanistan is your second home and look to Burme how all Muslim together for burme because we are one and sorry brothers because I have seen bad comments it made me angry because we never happy on bomb blast in Pakistan because all our brothers and almost in bomb blast poor deaths

  50. Saif Khan Baber

    Saif Khan Baber

    U are so ignorant that was gas cylinder blast moron

  51. Tahir Mehmood

    Tahir Mehmood

    no way,,, we r brothers of dunia and akhira.. our hearts beat with you.. don’t let any1 to raise any propaganda among us.. we are pathan.. we r muslims….

  52. Shahid Khäñ

    Shahid Khäñ

    Bht acha howa en namak haramo k sat 20 damakay or ho jaye maza ae ga

  53. Sheikh Umer Farooq

    Sheikh Umer Farooq

    Aur yeah Pakistan main ana sa inkar kar raha tha security ka keh kar!!!Yeah aukat hai in Namak haramion ki.

  54. Tahir Mehmood

    Tahir Mehmood

    nobody celebrate.. those who celebrate are animals…

  55. Zehsan Haider

    Zehsan Haider

    Agha M Arian Why should we rise our voices for everyone? Why other Muslim countries are sleeping? Bangladesh is their next door neighbors and those Rohangyan Muslims are ethnic Banglais. We can only raise voice at diplomatic level or to extend humanitarian assistance and not more than that

  56. Muhammad Bilal Khan

    Muhammad Bilal Khan

    How can you people happy for this blast ?? Shame on all those whose enjoying

  57. Zehsan Haider

    Zehsan Haider

    Aqib Javed naheen ab yeh T20 kay matches bhi ab Dubai main hi karwain gay

  58. Nayeem Lone

    Nayeem Lone

    Very sad. Sports should be kept aside…it could be the handiwork of enemies of Pakistan and Afghanistan, who don’t want to see these countries to come close to each other

  59. Waqar Ahmad Khan

    Waqar Ahmad Khan

    Arman Khan Shinwari no one happy bro

  60. Muhammad Sarfraz

    Muhammad Sarfraz

    Can’t pass smile on this blast but on ur comment.

  61. Moon CH

    Moon CH

    We r always with Muslims & we r always with Afghanistan & no happy anyone here, every blast in Pakistan or in Afghanistan behind India or Other Non Muslim countries.

  62. Sajid Ali Saim

    Sajid Ali Saim

    no we are not happy so.sad because afganistan also muslim country

  63. Zehsan Haider

    Zehsan Haider

    Arman Khan Shinwari Come on dear, go and read comments of Afghanis in Khaama Press and how they give preference and support Rundians over Pakistan. We are not happy with this bombing, but it reminded me that how your Cricket Board refused to send Afghanistan team to Pakistan on the excuse of security concerns and now see what happened there. I am sure that now international player will also not visit your country as you were insulting us for the same reason. We are Cricket Champions and World XI team is also in Pakistan and we are giving them fool proof security and our tremendous hospitality being our guests.

  64. Salahuddin Ahmed

    Salahuddin Ahmed

    Hahahaha neto forces also throwing the gas salandar on taliban.

  65. Salahuddin Ahmed

    Salahuddin Ahmed

    Unki team is qabil hai k dubai main khel sakain?

  66. Zehsan Haider

    Zehsan Haider

    simply it is Rundia or America.

  67. Zehsan Haider

    Zehsan Haider

    how it is clear? did you find our sperm on your ass HAHAHAHAHAHA

  68. Zehsan Haider

    Zehsan Haider

    Check your ass if it did not exploded HAHAHAHA

  69. Hikmatyar Khan Kochai

    Hikmatyar Khan Kochai

    Zyada kosh na ho wo slender tha wo koi khodkash nahi Tha😂😂😂 or na Askty ye koi Lahore nahi 😂😂😂

  70. Intisar Malik

    Intisar Malik

    Very sad moment…as a Muslim we feel Aghanis pain …but they don’t feel our pain when their indian payed terrorist attacks on Pakistan

  71. Salal Khan

    Salal Khan

    no we are not happy and why we need to b happy ?

  72. Belawal Khan

    Belawal Khan

    @Behxad khawaja … You guys are spreading hatred and supporting the terror attack on our cricket team, What harm our cricketers have done to you personally?

  73. Danyal Ahmad

    Danyal Ahmad

    Dont forget those who are sad on this

  74. Qaisar Waqar

    Qaisar Waqar

    Trump´s new Afghan policy

  75. Yasir Basharat

    Yasir Basharat

    You cannot judge the book from its cover… Moron

  76. Bismil Hameed

    Bismil Hameed

    Sad to see smiley faces , Pakistani ppl u should not behave like this

  77. Touseef Khan

    Touseef Khan

    You stupid no one happy mother chud

  78. Agha M Arian

    Agha M Arian

    Moazzam Shaikh brother you are right but the problem is that due to wrong decisions of our both govt polices the hate between the two muslim natio are going stronger and stronger and in this case non muslim nation are getting benifit so i also requist from negative mind of people from both nations to think positve and dond spread haterd, thanks bro for your behavior ang good thoughts.

  79. Huzaifa Ali Saeed

    Huzaifa Ali Saeed

    Go fuck ur self u pieces of shit…. we hav given u reefuge ….. and u barked back at us

  80. Daniyal Azhar

    Daniyal Azhar

    Lol excuses after the blasts.. PAK ALSO used to say the same in past…

  81. Wahaaj Muhammad

    Wahaaj Muhammad

    یہ ایک بہت ہی بُری خبر ہے پاکستان کو اغانستان کے ساتھ سیکورٹی مدد کرنی چاہئےلیکن انڈیا نہیں چاہتا کہ پاکستان افغانستان میں کو رول کرے اسی وجہ سے پاکستان کو بدنام کرنے کے لئے انڈیا دھماکے کررہےہے
    ہم افغانستان کے عوام کے ساتھ ہے نہ کہ حکمران کے ساتھ
    یہ سب امریکہ اور انڈیا اپنے اسلحے بیچنے کا بہت بڑا پلان کررہےہے لیکن جب تک افغانستان کا حکومت پاکستان کے ساتھ دوستانہ تعلقات استوار نہیں کرتے اسی طرح مسائل بڑھتے جائنگے

  82. Farhad Khan

    Farhad Khan

    Agha M Arian hopes every thing is good in there.Feeling ashamed of people laughing and trolling on such events.

  83. Ali R. Syed

    Ali R. Syed

    Horrifying how people are making fun of these blast victims!!

  84. Yasir Raja

    Yasir Raja

    I’m not happy. only we can feel that pain after what happened with us in last one and half decade. prayers for Afghanistan

  85. Agha M Arian

    Agha M Arian

    Farhad Khan thanks my brother.

  86. Yasir Raja

    Yasir Raja

    feel shame man. don’t support Terrorism ever. today in Afghanistan, tomorrow they can strike Pakistan as well

  87. Prashanth Kumar Palan

    Prashanth Kumar Palan

    Accha Indian player ko bulaya tho aaplog bomb blast karenge kya?

  88. Essa Khan

    Essa Khan

    Lanat ho tum par BehXad Khawaja .

  89. Fahad Mir

    Fahad Mir

    Listen you faggot you got your people in Pakistan take them first before flowing filth from your mouth where u have Indian and American cocks stuck. Grow some brain and stop hating thos who sheltered your lobed one when they were getting butchered by Americans and Russians. Salay oqaat dekh aur phir bhonko

  90. Zain Masood

    Zain Masood

    Such a dump person u r brain less.

  91. Fahad Mir

    Fahad Mir

    Sad news but Afgandos need to stop sucking Indians

  92. Essa Khan

    Essa Khan

    I am feel dishearted bcz of some people laughing on their pain .
    We are stand with them in this griefs movement they are our neighbours and brother country also .

  93. Muhammad Faisal Afridi

    Muhammad Faisal Afridi

    #Christians are Killing Muslims in #AFGHANISTAN.
    #YAHOODS are killing Muslims in #PALESTINE.
    #HINDOOS are killing Muslims in #KASHMIR.
    #BUDDIST are killing Muslims in #MYANMAR.
    But still MUSLIMS are TERRORISTS.??

  94. Asim Khan

    Asim Khan

    I Hope there is no loss of lives…..

  95. Nasir Khan

    Nasir Khan

    India must be involed in thisblast

  96. Saim Prince

    Saim Prince

    Thankless illitrate Afghanis should leave the sympathy of randians gov.t if Afghani carry out.. so then get ready for this sort of blast..

  97. Bilal Khalid

    Bilal Khalid

    Sad to hear about it, condolences from Pakistan. Sports, education n medical facilities shouldn’t be targets at any cost.

  98. Yazdan Durrani

    Yazdan Durrani


  99. Abdullah Naeem

    Abdullah Naeem

    And they said once that they don’t wanna play in Pakistan because of fuckin sicurity problems 😂😂😂😂

  100. Hassan Ch

    Hassan Ch

    We are happy we support afghan taliban who is fucking you.

  101. Max Raja

    Max Raja

    jis din tum logon nay american ki ponch chorh di.tum loog apni pehchan bhe bna lo ga.
    pakistanis are muslims.and we feel pain.
    It is your thinking about pakistanis.

  102. BehXad Khawaja

    BehXad Khawaja

    Belawal Khan ُ don’t u know what afhghan cricket board done with us? Han? Don’t be act like a child

  103. BehXad Khawaja

    BehXad Khawaja

    Yasir Raja we r not supporting terrorism bro just read my all comments first & secondly afghanistan is supporting india as compared to pakistan why? Why ur army attack on border? Why ur peoples burn our flags?

  104. BehXad Khawaja

    BehXad Khawaja

    Essa Khan u better know what afghanis nd there government doing wth us

  105. Mian Sufian

    Mian Sufian

    We are happy because afgandus are namak haram

  106. Alia Qurashi

    Alia Qurashi

    What they want to do ???? Who will ask to them they hate Musjid they hate playing grounds they hate innocent school child’s.These are pure animals

  107. Rana Sharjee Shahid

    Rana Sharjee Shahid

    So sad..but where is ganga gibbs who mocks Pakistan cricket and said african cricket board to send their players to Afghanistan as they send them to pak

  108. Bilal Khattak

    Bilal Khattak

    Brother we are not happy because we r Muslim brother ..plz think positive …Jewish and kufar create some problems both sides … And we always thinking negative about each other … Blast in Kabul or other cites of Afghanistan we feel pain every time… Allah pak hum Muslims ko aik ummah bana de bs ameen

  109. Bilal Khattak

    Bilal Khattak

    Very sad news for both countries pak and Afghanistan ….

  110. Bilal Khattak

    Bilal Khattak

    Bro plz don’t call namak haram for every Afghan people … Its a Indian lobby to create some problems both sides …but we know afghan r our brothers and Muslims …

  111. BehXad Khawaja

    BehXad Khawaja

    Bilal Khattak right bro that’s why i point out afghan government

  112. Arbaz Abid

    Arbaz Abid

    Shame on your thoughts

  113. Bilal Khattak

    Bilal Khattak

    We are not happy bro … Plz think positive

  114. Hikmatyar Khan Kochai

    Hikmatyar Khan Kochai

    Hahahaha da ogara somra koshala d

  115. Bilal Khattak

    Bilal Khattak

    Khuda ka khof kro ..kisi Muslim k mrne pr kon khush hota hai …hum ne afghan ko apna Bhai samjha hai or samjhte rahen ge… Kufar hum Muslims ko divide kr rahe hain or aik dosre k khilaf confusion peda krte hain..

  116. Syed Talha Alam

    Syed Talha Alam

    ALLAH PAK akal den hum sab Musalmano ko..

  117. Farrukh Raja

    Farrukh Raja

    These suicide bombers r not being send by any Muslim country

  118. Naman Gupta

    Naman Gupta

    Every Afgan is our brother. Terrorists will be eliminated soon

  119. Ikram Ullah Fahimi

    Ikram Ullah Fahimi

    Stupid admin it was not a suicide blast its cylinder blast and too far away from cricket stadium.

  120. Faisal Riaz

    Faisal Riaz

    Ban international cricket in Afghanistan now

  121. Yasir Raja

    Yasir Raja

    BehXad Khawaja are you talking to me that we are burning your flags? I’m Pakistani, not Afghan.

  122. Raheem Khan

    Raheem Khan

    to bad what ever is over sympathy with afghan cricket board and here i condemn the act ,,, this is totally folish act from terror groups who did

  123. کاشف محمود

    کاشف محمود

    Happy opening ceremony 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  124. کاشف محمود

    کاشف محمود

    Lol ek aur Randins chutyia beta ja ka cow ka sth sex Kroo 🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿🖕🏿

  125. کاشف محمود

    کاشف محمود

    But in Afghanistan cylinder blast consider bomb blast 😂😂😂😂

  126. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard

    Moazzam Shaikh Time for one more Surgical Strike – and this time from Afghanistan. Lato ke bhoot bato se nahi maante.

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