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  1. HR Anchyal

    HR Anchyal

    And Isis claimed The responsibility ye b btado chipane ki kya bat hn

  2. Bilal Khalid

    Bilal Khalid

    India behind all blasts in Balochistan and other areas of Pakistan. India n its Afghan proxy northern alliance killing innocent Baloch Pakistanis who just want to live peaceful lives. Long live brave Baloch brothers, long live Balochistan. Pakistan Zindabad !

  3. Baqir Sherazi

    Baqir Sherazi

    Oh Afghan is responsible for ur birth

  4. Ankit Dandotiya

    Ankit Dandotiya

    Just another day in office

  5. Shafiq Mian

    Shafiq Mian

    Kashmiri mujahideen should use this bomb in Indian occupied Kashmir on Indian army. Sooner the better. Gayhind

  6. Taha Mughal

    Taha Mughal

    Baqir Sherazi
    Modi and Advani is responsible for your birth

  7. Taha Mughal

    Taha Mughal

    Ankit Dandotiya
    Go find your real dad
    You produce of gang rape Endian

  8. Nasib Lodhi

    Nasib Lodhi

    baqir sherazi ..
    apki date of birth pe lanat ..

  9. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    Pakistan is a terrorist country.
    Isi is behind this blast who want to beg money on the name of stop terrorism.

  10. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    A terrorist mind always thinking on terrorism

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