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  1. Ravi Surya

    Ravi Surya

    Why didn’t he eject????

  2. Syed Mohsin Ali

    Syed Mohsin Ali

    These planes have really poor system of ejection!
    The Italian typhoon crashed too and he didn’t eject!

  3. Alisha Sheikh

    Alisha Sheikh

    He wanna visit heaven from sky

  4. Ravi Surya

    Ravi Surya

    Thank god… We opted for Dassault Rafale instead of them… French fighters have proved their worth everywhere.. India Pakistan and many other countries operate them….

    But Saudis have ordered 180 such fighters… God help them

  5. Rahib Dutt Mohyal

    Rahib Dutt Mohyal

    Not everybody obsessed with heaven …

  6. Naksh Santre

    Naksh Santre

    Hmm.. Coz he didn’t know actual process of going to heaven with 72 hoors like u stinky porkis

  7. Jamshaid Khan

    Jamshaid Khan

    InshaAllah s mulk k bury din shuru ho gay hain

  8. Rao Hamza

    Rao Hamza

    #PAF is great Alhamdulellah

  9. Jawad Sheikh

    Jawad Sheikh

    Her jaga pak jaise Airforce nhe hoti….

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