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  1. Afsar Ali

    Afsar Ali

    U mother fucker shia Monster’s our Chief leave the 41 Islamic countries leadership just for Iran and u talking disgusting

  2. Naveed Malik

    Naveed Malik

    I think now Pakistan want to show Iran What’s their limit

  3. Farman Ali

    Farman Ali

    He is saying against pakistan will mean funding to terrotists in pakistan not by pakistan

  4. Real Lyarian

    Real Lyarian

    Same thing u r doing, providing ur soil to India against Pakistan.

    Tit for Tak

  5. Zeeshan Ahmed Mirza

    Zeeshan Ahmed Mirza

    Why the f do we still care for Iran, we are going all odds for the friendship and this is what they are saying……

  6. Momin Momin

    Momin Momin

    Get lost bitch @iran!

  7. Rameeza Sheikh

    Rameeza Sheikh

    And our neighbour (Endia) is using your(Iran) soil to spread terrorism in Pakistan..??

  8. Osama Shah

    Osama Shah

    These bloody snakes will never be our friends….

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