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  1. Pradip Choubey

    Pradip Choubey

    Any protest organised by Pakistanis against the slaughtering of Yemenis by Saudia? Oh! I forgot they are the masters.

  2. Ballo Kay

    Ballo Kay

    lolxxx SAUDI ARAB interceptS ….. What about thousands of ISI ‘ LIONS who are protecting Makka Medina & Snippers Of Pak Army To Whom govt deployed on mountains of Makka Medina to Protect ?
    Please Thank Allah Pak For ” ISI ” Which can change any game any time Alhamdulillah <3
    ISI <3
    Pak Army <3
    Supreme Court <3

  3. Ballo Kay

    Ballo Kay

    Mohammad Hassan QẳZî bro i didt said they hitted Missile but non stop they are watching each and everyone in both HOLY cities

  4. Naksh Santre

    Naksh Santre

    Now let’s see how many porkistani stands with Yemenis

  5. Sohail Javed

    Sohail Javed

    Stay away rapist piss drinker toiletless bloody cruel rascals

  6. Kunal Lokhande

    Kunal Lokhande

    They r nust khawarij … Hypocricy in their blood

  7. Tanveer Ahmed Chattah

    Tanveer Ahmed Chattah

    Ghand ma papro rent boys made in Pakistan burnol on it’s way for that itchy puggy

  8. Sohail ZAib

    Sohail ZAib

    Shut the fuck up resident of open toilet brainless helldu moron…

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