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  1. K0NE`


    Religion is the relationship between you and I imaginary allah

  2. Deb Mon

    Deb Mon

    Ase bol raha hai jese isne Allah ko kharid liya ho n Allah srif aur Srif Pakistan ka ho gaye ho😂😂

  3. Gulshan Saeed

    Gulshan Saeed

    You are hundred percent right our religion ISLAM teach us to have good relations with every religi…

  4. Mohammad Shoaib Aslam

    Mohammad Shoaib Aslam

    To phir pehly bhashan q dey rahy thay… lanat on u

  5. Muhammad Usman

    Muhammad Usman

    Wo Sahi Bol Raha ha Ka Wo Mera Allah Or Mera Beach ka Mamla ha ✌🏻️

  6. Sohail Abbasi

    Sohail Abbasi

    باشن نہیں دیا تھا صرف اتنا کہا تھا ختم۔نبوت پے سمجھوتا نہیں ہو گا۔۔۔

  7. Haider Khan

    Haider Khan

    جب فتوے لگوا کر مجاہدین بھرتی کوا رہے تھے تب منافقت کر رہے تھے.

  8. Ayesha Khan

    Ayesha Khan

    No . Thats an indirect response to Capt. Safdar who has tried to spread religious extremism though his foolish statement . And our Religion is against religious extremism .
    Remember , Army has already made it clear ” Khatam-e-Nabuwat py samjhota nhi hoga” .

  9. Ballo Kay

    Ballo Kay

    yar ap nay lanat bhej di Allah ka Khof kero … agar ye becharay apni jaanay na day rhay hotay tu aj hum b syria ya iraq hotay :'(

  10. Raheeb Nutkani

    Raheeb Nutkani

    INTERSTING!!! SO HE WANTS TO CHANGE CONSTITUTION NOW!!! Mr. General if i am not mistaken constitution Islamized the state by naming it ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN! As per constitution, whose integral part is OBJECTIVE RESOLUTION, thanks to your DEAD like dog brother in arms, state becomes effectively ENFORCER OF RELIGION OF ISLAM not the Faciltator. SO YOU HAVE TO HOLD Constitution in abeyance for having said that or get your good self court martialed for having violated the Constitution which you are bound to uphold and protect.

  11. Asghar Ali

    Asghar Ali

    we ousted USSR from Afghanistan by the help of Almighty Allah, and those fighting the US find refuge in Afghanistan more easily then your occupied FATA , Cuz approximately 60 percent Afghan and Afghanis submits and Accept Talibans …… those, you refer enters, are Your Assistant’s (US) spies deployed here to keep you concentrated on your internal affairs

  12. Hasham Ayub

    Hasham Ayub

    He said allah and ur religion is ur own business

  13. Hasham Ayub

    Hasham Ayub

    He sapow caliber spotted . Did u even read the article . Please explain

  14. Mahmood Rajah

    Mahmood Rajah

    My dear people Lailaha Ilallaha is what Pakistan was born from so that means Islamic nation so those who are trying to secularise this nation are not true believers and that is what the western nations have done.
    So it’s the nations army’s job to hold this nation Islamic identity at the forefront and those officials who want to put the Deen out of politics is not worthy to hold a position ruling.
    If you remove your Deen from politics then you are a secularist and that is saying ( ye I believe Allah but I make the ruling).
    Our Prophet pbu was the greatest politician, General, husband, father, friend, and most of all the greatest example to ruling from Islam and this was right up until 1924 when Britain tore the Islamic nation into bits and put the Muslim ummah into a coma. So every time a muslimeen brings a thought change and try’s to wake up the Ummah there are so called Muslim secularists and democracist start attacking this idea.
    O you who believe rule according to what Allah swt and his messenger given you and you will be successful in this life and hereafter.
    And do not transgress from this.

  15. Eleni Duplessis

    Eleni Duplessis

    It is a personal matter, a personal choice & no one’s business.

  16. Kumar Gaurav

    Kumar Gaurav

    Agar aisa hai to,
    Allah ke naam par musalmano ke liye alag mulk kyun banane ki jarurat thi?

    INDIA e hi secular mulk me rehte,
    And religion Hindus ka unke aur unke God pe chhod dete, Muslims ka unke and unke God pe chhod dete,

    Pakistan was made with #Fake ideology it proved

  17. Malik Mohd Rafiq

    Malik Mohd Rafiq

    Kynke hendostan me muslman azad nhi or un se pocho jo gay k naam pr muslmano ka qtl krte

  18. محسن حسین

    محسن حسین

    Pakistan was made for?????

  19. Abdul Rehman

    Abdul Rehman

    Being believers one should know life is to a Creator and religion is to the Creator. Should we leave religion, saying, it is to creator? Is it sensible? Surely not. In Islamic perspective, religion is to God, religion is to State, religion is to society and religion is to individuals. Actually, in Islam, the philosophy of religion and its implementation is the rudimentary responsibility of a state. Individuals and society are subjected to follow the principles of Islam, as endorsed by the state, in the light of the Quran and Sunnah. Under the umbrella of Western political and economical order, nation-states, especially, the Muslim states, are escalating between the devil and the deep sea. Muslim ruling class thinks that there is no way but to follow the Western order, while internally, majority of Muslims. want implementation of Islamic laws. In the circumstances, the Muslim states try to manage a balance using cliches; religion is to individual, is one of the cliches. The question is, what is the way forward? First of all, we have to decide, either we want Islam, as our philosophy of life, as a political and social order; or we want to leave it? In the presence of a constitution, this question is just a mockery. Why we are rambling and acting mere blind? Have we not the Quran?. Have we not the Sunnah of our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH)? Have we not a constitution? Have we not the vision of Jinnah and Iqbal? Have we no heritage of civilization and a heritage of the political system of Caliphate? Can we not think long-term? If we and our government(s) will not focus ourselves, we will continue to be effected by the global political order and will continue to distort individuals, society, Pakistan and ultimately the world itself. Stephen Cohen, in his book, the Pak-Army, quotes the vision of Allama Iqbal, that is, all the newly independent Muslim states should strengthen themselves, then establish a common-wealth of Muslim states and then revive Caliphate.

  20. Kadar Khan

    Kadar Khan

    Absolutely ~ Hand off religious minority ~ Capt *r should be arreted for hate speech~

  21. Bucky Barnes

    Bucky Barnes

    No doubt but Allah teach us what we should to do and we are doing why Allah send us for,

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