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  1. Danish Malik

    Danish Malik

    Finally Umeed ha yeh karachi ka liya ho ge Mqm ka liya

  2. Farrago of Cowfefe

    Farrago of Cowfefe

    Will take that much loan from China. Or may be as terror fund from Saudi

  3. Sk Waqas

    Sk Waqas

    Ye sab mil kr hmyn bna rhy hyn manhoos k bachy.. 😣😣😣

  4. Fakhar


    In return for the votes cared by MQM!

  5. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard

    He first needs a package of a few rupees to buy a blade to shave his messy beard.

  6. Jahanzeb Ahmad

    Jahanzeb Ahmad

    #Farooq_Sattar succeeded… Now expect more terror activities in #Karachi…

  7. Abu Qasim ZR

    Abu Qasim ZR

    It is part of deal with MQM

  8. Nadeem Yousaf

    Nadeem Yousaf

    They announces money as they are paid by their own pocket. He will not allocate one cent in his ow…

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