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  1. Ashraf Ahmad

    Ashraf Ahmad

    Now you come to know how expensively these projects are, it’s easy to point on anyone else credibility but then hard to reply when it comes on yourself. Anyway good project towards better infrastructure in KPK, but keep your intention towards development instead of criticism for nothing.

  2. Ahmed Salman Virk

    Ahmed Salman Virk

    Hahahaha 15 busses Har km pr wah wah Kitna Pisa khaya Imran commission k chakr main lambaaa hath Marty huy

  3. Salman Mazhar

    Salman Mazhar

    (1/3) 28 km =91800 ft-if one bus is 40 feet long then 400 buses would take 16000 ft long SO

  4. Salman Mazhar

    Salman Mazhar

    (1/2)SO 91800-16000=75800ft this means gap between two buses would be 75800÷400 = 189 feet ??? (ON…

  5. Muhammad Atif Khan

    Muhammad Atif Khan

    Ahmad Ibrahim, Tayyab Khan Metro bus

  6. Salman Mazhar

    Salman Mazhar

    (1/3) Khan Sb enjoying kick back OR its again a brainless bongi

  7. Muhammad Ismail

    Muhammad Ismail

    Immature PTI govt. Just throwing public money on useless things like 400 buses for 28km road reflect the incompetence of PTI Govt. Just utilizing budget is not enough one needs sold ideas to spend public money on such project which benefits the public in General … and due to such poor steps the poor public of KP are directly affected….

  8. Tanveer Ahmed Chattah

    Tanveer Ahmed Chattah

    That’s just over14 buses per km why so many?

  9. Faizan Ali

    Faizan Ali

    Hahaha halal buss ?

  10. Aamir Rafiq

    Aamir Rafiq

    he did came with evidence when it comes to flyover.. medicine difference.. unfortunately slapped his own face when it came about metro

  11. Muddasar Ahmad

    Muddasar Ahmad

    They should be manufactured in India they give contract of 600 buses for metro to manufacture in their local industry can grow

  12. Muhammad Saeed

    Muhammad Saeed

    When it will be completed and at what final cost?

  13. Fawad Khan

    Fawad Khan

    You’re one of them people who no matter what others do for, will never appreciate them.
    It’s a start for a bright future of kpk.
    You don’t just do everything all of a sudden.
    It takes time and things needs to be done step by step.

  14. Fawad Khan

    Fawad Khan

    To all them ignorant people.
    Have you seen the amount of people traveling in buses, vans etc. So imagine all that mess gone and the public use these busses instead.
    The government is making Kpk a better place but all you low life are criticising them.
    Appreciate it or move to punjab.

  15. Rizi Insomanic

    Rizi Insomanic

    Real metro bus, Lahore metro is “Jangala bus”
    Shame on IK

  16. Qasim Khattak

    Qasim Khattak

    Peshawar badly needs this project. Peshawar is a small city and traffic issues are increasing day by day. work has already begun to widen the road.

  17. Qasim Khattak

    Qasim Khattak

    28 KM road because Peshawar is a small city and 400 buses means removing those old khatara buses completely i guess.Inter city public transport is in very bad condition in Peshawar, hopefully this project will resolve these issues if completed.

  18. Lalagee Nawaz

    Lalagee Nawaz

    Siraf khwabo me bus chaligi chars pee ke

  19. Faraz Khankhan

    Faraz Khankhan

    suckers….niazi jangla bus….niazi always suck either pml n shit or ppp shit… party ppp imran niazi kanjar gutter group…ppp ka chuttan chat raha hai…lootay lay lay kar chutya nay pti koe ppp imran niazi gutter group may convert kar diya hai.

  20. Thomas

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 jyk4g

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