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  1. Usama Khan

    Usama Khan

    ☕ Waah👿 Kai😨 Post😋 daali👄 hai😃 The🎓 Times💖 of😃 Islamabad📲 ???

    🌹 Good Night The Times of Islamabad
    🌹 Thursday : 12 – October – 2017
    🌹 Always Be Active The Times of Islamabad
    🌹 Bot Used By Usama Khan
    🌹 Chaudhrys Bot Team=Bot Site: Naeem-Tariq .tk

  2. Ghulam Dastagir

    Ghulam Dastagir

    واہ ڈرامے باز افغانستان

  3. Shahveer Ahmed

    Shahveer Ahmed

    Jab Khud Hakumat ki tab aik lafz ni bola Madarchod ab sala america k khilaf bhi bayan de rha ha..

  4. Abbas Khan

    Abbas Khan

    This man falls in to love in Times he is no more ruling !

  5. Mustafa Haral

    Mustafa Haral

    Man0o namak harami Papa (Pakistan ) bina ap kuch b nhe ho

  6. Zuhair W. Khan

    Zuhair W. Khan

    What has got into him? He is talking sense. Is he possessed? 😂

  7. Hassan Malik

    Hassan Malik

    He was always in favour

  8. Aslam Javed

    Aslam Javed

    This is reality sooner they understand the better it is

  9. Larah Baluch

    Larah Baluch

    When they were out of gov they start talking sense 😂😂

  10. Jawaria Khaliq Julie

    Jawaria Khaliq Julie

    Pakistan is not interested on those namak harams :/ if you want peace there instead of Pakistan then go and spread peace !!

  11. Shakir Khan

    Shakir Khan

    You are the only intelligent man from Afghanistan.

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