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  1. Rana Umair

    Rana Umair

    We concerned over USA backed ISIS and TTP Al-queada expansion in Afghanistan and concerned over their future goal of NEW WORLD ORDER terrorism is main tool of Secret global elite

  2. Shah Ahmed

    Shah Ahmed

    This is ur thinking level ??? USA is ur daddy keep quite they will bring democracy and freedom to all 3 province. Stupid don’t post stupid comment. Pig???

  3. Raja Inayatullah Khan

    Raja Inayatullah Khan

    When you play with fire it will burn you.

  4. Shady Umrani

    Shady Umrani

    ISIS will make inroads to Pakistan if Bitches like you Kept on Asserting & Doing No Real Diplomacy for Good of Country !

  5. Rana Umair

    Rana Umair

    SON of retarded bitch its reality you cant hide from it USA is your father we fuck this bitch Dajjal is your daddy and your boss Fuck out from here

  6. Shady Umrani

    Shady Umrani

    We Pakitanis Can not Play with Fire because we don’t know that circus Skill.
    So how our hands will burn?? ?

  7. Raja Inayatullah Khan

    Raja Inayatullah Khan

    This comment was for Afghanistan but Pakistan already experienced this phase and paying the price at he cost of lost of innocent civilions and school kids. Now the same Afghanistan is doing and started paying the price.

  8. Naman Gupta

    Naman Gupta

    You pakistani Culprits have given nationhood to Taliban and seriously concerned about ISIS in Afghanistan. What a joke…. You are responsible for terrorism in Afghanistan.. Cancer of world is Porkistan

  9. Akmal Khan Awan

    Akmal Khan Awan

    Boay pairr babool ka to aamb kahan sy aaein

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