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  1. Prashant Singh

    Prashant Singh

    Paksitan me metro h Kya??

  2. Anand Singh

    Anand Singh

    Do they have Locomotives to pull hahahah

  3. Vikash Joshi

    Vikash Joshi

    ha …chinese bus h jisko Pakistani metro bolte h…jiski cost indian metro train se bi jyada h..hihihihihihi pura Pakistan loot kr bankrupt bna diya Punjabi generals ne..hahahaha

  4. Vikash Joshi

    Vikash Joshi

    yes they have donkey to pull..

  5. Ali Usman

    Ali Usman

    Do you have toilet ? Or your mother shits on road ?

  6. Ali Usman

    Ali Usman

    Even if we don’t have then we will use cows

  7. Hira Ali

    Hira Ali

    Prashant Singh G Bilkul hai

  8. Hira Ali

    Hira Ali

    Vikash Joshi Your comment is very funny because Generals in Pakistan Army are from all parts of Pakistan . I am impressed by your knowledge 😂😂😂

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