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  1. Afaq Lawangeen

    Afaq Lawangeen

    😒 wah🐻 kya📲 post😿 ha🎃 bhai

    Pakistan❤ Army👩 recovers👦 five👿 foreign💋 hostages🐗 on😵 US😃 intelligence😵 at📀 Afghan💏 border

    kya😁 bat😋 ha👳 ap👽 ki🐥 bhai🐛 The🍎 Times☔ of🐮 Islamabad🐚 bhai🎉 Afaq🔥 Lawangeen😪 ka👳 bot📠 dhorta👶 ha

    💟 kya bat ha ap ki The Times of Islamabad
    💟 Thursday : 12 – October – 2017
    💟 Jani Like BaCk B Kia Kro The Times of Islamabad
    💟 Vip Bot Used By Afaq Lawangeen
    💟 Crackers Bot Team <3 Hassan Ali <3
    <3 Aqib-hassan .tk <3

  2. Larah Baluch

    Larah Baluch

    Thats great achievement 😍😍

  3. Hekmat Khan Afgunz

    Hekmat Khan Afgunz

    You have to do what US ask you to lol

  4. Jose Blay Delfenthal

    Jose Blay Delfenthal

    @coff33loveit Note, we didn’t give them 5 mass murdering terrorists to get hostages back & these hostages are not traitors

  5. Hammad Riaz

    Hammad Riaz

    Asshole.. they were kidnapped n yr country. We recovered them n our country

  6. Larah Baluch

    Larah Baluch

    Its about 5 human lives which were on risk humanity comes first.
    Well Afghans sold out there motherland to US and lecturing others pity

  7. HPadale



  8. Mustaif Bangulzai

    Mustaif Bangulzai

    Hekmat Khan Afgunz… we can’t ignore United States…its super power country….politcally we will have to support it……..we dont want to be engaged in war with US,Terrorists or India…its time to focus on CPEC,and strengthen Pakistan economically … our enemies want to keep us busy in war and want to divert our concentration from CPEC and other developments going on in Pakistan nowadays..

  9. Hekmat Khan Afgunz

    Hekmat Khan Afgunz

    Larah Baluch go release Dr Afia you low life beggars 😂
    She has been gangbang by US army and your nuclear powerful country is watching haha

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