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  1. محمد عباس

    محمد عباس

    Here is the revenge pakistan zindabad

  2. ASad Sharif

    ASad Sharif

    So revenge has been taken , Great Pak army

  3. Wasim Khan

    Wasim Khan

    Nd yes a girl named sabza also killed now Pakistani should be more happy .

  4. Sajjad H Khan

    Sajjad H Khan

    Weldone Pakistan army
    This the time to remove bloody India from the map of the world

  5. Dr. Shahzad Latif

    Dr. Shahzad Latif

    PakArmy must retaliate HarshlySwiftly after every Indian aggression&ensure to use images/intellige…

  6. Zohaib Anser

    Zohaib Anser

    Endia had it coming after hitting a Pakistan army vehicle yesterday.

  7. Bishwa Ranjan Jena

    Bishwa Ranjan Jena

    Well done…….. Ek baar ache se attack karona.. Like a lion

  8. Ankit Parashar

    Ankit Parashar

    4 ke badle 1
    Yhe kesa revenge

  9. Tanveer Ahmed Chattah

    Tanveer Ahmed Chattah

    Allah’o’Akbar Pakistan FORCES ZINDABAD

  10. Arib Aasif

    Arib Aasif

    they kill Muslim army personal & blame that he was killed in cross loc fire by Pakistan.

  11. Tanveer Ahmed Chattah

    Tanveer Ahmed Chattah

    Make sure all the kharash is eliminated from Indian puggy

  12. Rizwan Khokhar

    Rizwan Khokhar

    pakistan media should continully expose indian involvment in karachi ny balochistan

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