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  1. Troll


    jahil nation having jahil pm 😂😂😂😂

  2. Enayat Zeb

    Enayat Zeb

    Pehle to bara keh rahay thay ke “jo bhi faisla aye ga wo humain qabool hoga”. Why so many U-turns?

  3. Farhan Azam Cheema

    Farhan Azam Cheema

    On which planet does he live???

  4. Lone Muzafer

    Lone Muzafer

    DIRTY politicians of pak

  5. Imtiyaz Bhat

    Imtiyaz Bhat

    You have accepted it dear…otherwise you won’t be on streets in a Tanker 😊😊

  6. Asad Sharif

    Asad Sharif

    Then why left PM house and islamabad? 😂😃

  7. Awais Khan

    Awais Khan

    He shud be renamed as thug sharif aka U-turn Sharif

  8. Abdus Saboor

    Abdus Saboor

    He said before the verdict that I will accept the verdict, then whats the difference between you and Yousaf Raza Gilani?

  9. Ehsan Malik

    Ehsan Malik

    He is lair to the core. Why did he resign the PM office if he did not accept supreme court verdict.

  10. Zee Caledonia

    Zee Caledonia

    Go to hell you robbing bastard

  11. Fawwad Z Siddiqui

    Fawwad Z Siddiqui

    Public is happy and will see on 14 august

  12. Asadullah Shah

    Asadullah Shah

    Sharif family is a real disgrace to Pakistan.

  13. Shakeel Ahmad

    Shakeel Ahmad

    He is a big traitor ….. must be hanged untill death ….. He is the person who is responsible for Pakistan’s defeat in Kargil … father of corruption

  14. Muhammad Adil

    Muhammad Adil

    This is humiliation of SC decision accepted by the whole nation except a few mentally retarded patwaris, we request SC to take a further action against this fucking idiot.

  15. Nauman Shahid

    Nauman Shahid

    Ofcourse, a criminal will never self incriminate unless hes delusional….oh right….you must….

  16. Asadullah Shah

    Asadullah Shah

    یہ پرائم منسٹر ہاؤس ہے یا شریف فیملی کا باتھ روم ہے کہ شوہر نکلا تو بیوی قبضہ کرنے جائے گی.

  17. Dearie Haider

    Dearie Haider

    Aap ka baap b accept karega firown k aulaad! dil karta hai pistol uta kar aap ka sir goli se uraao! buzdil, circus k sher ke tarah aap ghumoo! retard monster!

  18. Ali MaLak

    Ali MaLak

    He is a stupid ass and we all accept the decision of supreme court.

  19. Khalid Saleem

    Khalid Saleem

    Someone to rein him for defaming courts, law and repealing article 52 and 53.

  20. Qazi Arqum Khan

    Qazi Arqum Khan

    u r gone…!just go to hell

  21. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    Banana republic of Pakistan

  22. Nazir Adenwala

    Nazir Adenwala

    Which crook has ever accepted a verdict against him??

  23. Arsalan Saleem

    Arsalan Saleem

    Pakistani nation has accepted

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