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  1. Muhammad Uzair

    Muhammad Uzair

    NS thinks BBC interviewer is a fool or what ? The whole world knows that Panama JIT members and the SC judges were courageous,brave and honest.It is because of them that he is chanting ‘Mujhay Q nikala’

  2. Shareh Butt

    Shareh Butt

    whole nation is against you, World conspired against you, Army is against you, Judges are against you, Khaleesi is against you, John snow is against you & even white walkers want to cross the wall just to topple you f***ing government

  3. Ch Rashid Arshad

    Ch Rashid Arshad

    not whole nation there still alot of fools with him

  4. Shahid Mano

    Shahid Mano

    ENDIA Invested in NAWAZ Traitor and a HINDU`s Urine Drinker. We need Capital Punishment for him and his Family. #PMLN

  5. Shaban Malik

    Shaban Malik

    Nawaz sharif is a pompous fat jackass

  6. Waqar Ul Hassan

    Waqar Ul Hassan

    Please don’t use pressure horns… Nawaz sharif nikal rha hai.

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