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  1. Pradip Choubey

    Pradip Choubey

    Now here is something for pakis to enjoy. Enjoy it.

  2. Rafiqul Islam

    Rafiqul Islam

    Fabricated news and Kafir’s conspiracy against innocent Muslims. Surely Allah shall avenge at the end.

  3. Pradip Choubey

    Pradip Choubey

    Rohingyas did the same what they are supposed to do i.e. killong kuffar Hindus but mates the earth is round, what goes around comes around.

  4. Naksh Santre

    Naksh Santre

    That’s what Muslims do first they start and when they gets reaction they start to play victim’s role

  5. Huzaifa Khan

    Huzaifa Khan

    No .. we dont enjoy… they just blamed it over muslims.. and for ur information alongwith muslims the rohingya hindus also fleeing to bangladesh..

  6. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Myanmar is using the term “hindus” so that India can come further for help sorry Myanmar you at exposed.

  7. Jasmine Kam

    Jasmine Kam

    That is exactly what was done to Kashmiri pundits? Rohingyas should be deported for india

  8. Rohit Bhambhani

    Rohit Bhambhani

    All know your just garbage.. Good Myanmar keep it up

  9. Quaid Kamal

    Quaid Kamal

    Fucking Buddhist, your drama of non violence came to an end at last. You Buddhist are exposed.

  10. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard

    These Kafirs ranging from Pakistan to Middle East are the Scurge on Mother Earth

  11. Zahid Munir

    Zahid Munir

    Fake news about oppressed nation

  12. Sitaram G

    Sitaram G

    Myanmar doing good job..

  13. Sajay Vasu

    Sajay Vasu

    Muslim and innocent what a joke

  14. Viswa Prasad Yadav

    Viswa Prasad Yadav


    Muslims who speaks Bengali (Arakan) they recorded in 17th Century the term name is Rohingyas recorded by East India Company as early as 1799.

    Rohingyas dispute occurred in December 14 – 2015 by Burmeese Nationalist.

    Rohingyas Muslims having support from Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, China and other Countries but these countries not allowed them because their attitude is occupying other Countries land and Souvernity.

    According to India’s statistics in 1947 we have 5% Muslims population but now they grown up 20% population so now India has been suffer by Muslims and their attitude.

    Jammu&Kashmir state previously belongs to Kashmir Pandits but now Muslims says we are the mejority status (they came from Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and other Muslim Countries) and they making unrest in j&k state and Muslims kills Hindu Pandits and Army men.

    Major problem by Muslims that, they are not following birth control operations and produced each family 8 to 12 children’s now a days it is more burden to their Government’s to nourishing. Pakistan making courtesy on Rohingyas but Pakistan people not accept welcome to Rohingyas ….this is political magic.

    Now Rohingyas established terrorists Organisations names is called :
    1. Rohingyas insurgency in western Mynmar.
    2. Arakan Rohingyas National Organisation.
    3. Rohingyas solidarity Organization.
    And they having advanced weapons and more money and they having support from Pakistan and j&k state terrorists Organisations. Now Rohingyas seeks how to occupy some part of land in Mynmar.

    UNO also supporting to Rohingyas terrorists Organisations because repression on Hinduism and Buddhism.

    In my verdict if Mynmar merge in India then India will look after this issue and will solve otherwise until then no solution.

    My humble request to Our great Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi Garu please look after this issue and protect the Dharma….Jai Hind


  15. Muhammad Haseeb Hassan Shah

    Muhammad Haseeb Hassan Shah

    A complete fabrication to justify their cruelty…

  16. Perm Khan

    Perm Khan

    fake news set up by the Burmese thugs to malign the Muslim freedom fighters who are very few and not well organized.

  17. Ghazi Kayani

    Ghazi Kayani

    Sajay Vasu you Hindu cow Urin€ drink€R$.

  18. Shahid Khan Meo

    Shahid Khan Meo

    Fabricated news and Kafir’s conspiracy against innocent Muslims. Surely Allah shall avenge at the end.

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