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  1. Hassan Wasim

    Hassan Wasim

    In this situation Maybe the randians are singing that famous bollywood song right now kya kare o Muslims hum hai aadat sey majboor this song was definitely made for these randains 🤨because they are aadet say majboor

  2. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    Muslim in India is unsecured even they reaching on president & wise president 😂😂

    In constitution of Pakistan if you are Muslim then you will be able to be a prime minister, no minority allowed.

    Banana republic of Pakistan

  3. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    Apni aukat dekh ke baat kar pig

  4. Aaryan Raj

    Aaryan Raj

    Still more Muslims are killed in Pakistan, like Shia massacre, Baloch massacre, and constant killings of people in bomb blasts, so average life of Indian Muslims must be higher than that of Pakistani Muslims.

  5. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    The news is totally different where there is no speech by shiv Sena.
    A Muslim show his true color when he finished his wise presidency & live as a common person

  6. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    Where Muslim in India is clearly accept there is before a ram temple & Babar destroy its & make babari masjid.
    Its show how this Muslims are crural in past.

  7. Muhammad Saud

    Muhammad Saud

    All are Raw funded terrorists baby. Have patience we will cut you on your roads soon

  8. Muhammad Saud

    Muhammad Saud

    Salo aik haifiz saeed NE hi sary endia Ko hijra BNA k rakh diya

  9. Aaryan Raj

    Aaryan Raj

    And your ISI is busy in promoting terrorism in Afghanistan and India.

  10. Muhammad Saud

    Muhammad Saud

    Ais bnana republic NE hi tum logon Ko hijra bnaya howa hai din raat Kashmir mein. Salo aik hafiz saeed hi Kafi hai tum endians aur tumari gay hind army k liye.

  11. Aaryan Raj

    Aaryan Raj

    Hafiz Saeed ko to tum log TRUMP k dar se apne hi desh mein kaid kar rakhte ho

  12. Muhammad Saud

    Muhammad Saud

    Salt without toilet nation with biggest powety level in aisa

  13. Muhammad Saud

    Muhammad Saud

    Chup endian chuthiye . Ja ja k moot Cola pi saly.

  14. Sajid Hussain

    Sajid Hussain

    Indian come out with a lot of shit they follow there media like sheep

  15. Wajid Shah

    Wajid Shah

    Aaryan Raj your answer should be based on how India should treat their people not how bad a life is in Pakistan, this is not an answer.

  16. Irshad Khan

    Irshad Khan

    STFU u jerk.
    Ur father is now sleeping with ur mother cow.
    Go and check it u cow son rendian.

  17. Shahid Ali

    Shahid Ali

    Can you explain meaning of secure???????

  18. Aaryan Raj

    Aaryan Raj

    Wajid Shah, we treat them equally, that’s why they are elected as Presidents and Vice Presidents. In India Muslims are safe, that’s why the demography of India has also changed a little bit and percentage population of Muslims has increased constantly. As far as the statement of Dr. Hamid Ansari is concerned, it’s politically motivated and far from ground reality.

  19. Yasir Basharat

    Yasir Basharat

    As concerned with bomb blasts so 2016 was hell for Indians most blast happened in endia. which your feku media doesn’t want to show its common people.. Still Muslims are safe in endia? Search Wikipedia – – India is top of the list (happily) 😉

  20. Mohammed Shoaib

    Mohammed Shoaib

    Yes He is very much rigjt … Since Mody of RSS rules India … Hindu Extremisim has increased many fold .. Muslims killed just on suspicion of eating beef where as Thousands of Cows slaughtered every day and Exported officially by Hindu owned companies.. Hippocratic country

  21. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    & what your mother Irshad Khan
    Still she is in heeramandi or her halala ceremony is going on.

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