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  1. Hamza Khan Jadoon

    Hamza Khan Jadoon

    Mouka Mouka
    Mouka Mouka 😂

  2. Mian Bilal

    Mian Bilal

    Crying Indians
    #Fathers_Day special from Pakistan for our kid 😂😂

  3. Mansoor Nasir

    Mansoor Nasir

    Ken PeterPranay SharmaJugal Thakwani shit getting serious lads

  4. Malik Anas

    Malik Anas

    India walo hm sy sikho.. hr bar Pakistan har k a jata tha but hm phr b sabr kr laity thay 😃😂😂😂

  5. Inayat Ullah Khan

    Inayat Ullah Khan

    You can expect this from cow urine drinkers!!!

  6. Junaid Ansari

    Junaid Ansari

    Its a game please be decent and celebrate it like a game.

  7. Zarak Khan

    Zarak Khan

    ms doni also won world cup for india its game why indians are too much reacted

  8. Umar Hayat

    Umar Hayat

    Rizwan Rj check da link

  9. Ferdous Ahmed

    Ferdous Ahmed

    That’s the original nature of cow piss drinker Rendia!!!

  10. Tanveer Ahmed Chattah

    Tanveer Ahmed Chattah

    It tells everything about the Indians pathetic losers

  11. Bilal Mehar

    Bilal Mehar

    Ye chotiye randians aik match ki har bardashat nahi kar sakte kita toilet less nation ha yar

  12. Pradeep Singh Rajput

    Pradeep Singh Rajput

    Fake news ….Ir country don’t hv TRP news why u people make fake news abt our country u hv own lo…

  13. Rashid Ahmad

    Rashid Ahmad

    This is not the way to behave , why are you Indians so fickle Dhoni has won you so many trophies he does not deserve to be treated like this & I am a Pakistan fan, Dhoni is a world class cricketer

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