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  1. Rebel Rider

    Rebel Rider

    At least Iran has the guts to do so. Today it was drone, tomorrow it should be fighter jets with missiles and atom bombs.

  2. Syed Mohsin Ali

    Syed Mohsin Ali

    If it comes to Isreal we did shot down their 10 planes and we still can but we don’t do anything, because we don’t recognize them

  3. Sher Khan

    Sher Khan

    Iran Zindabad👍

    Long live Iran💪

  4. Pradip Choubey

    Pradip Choubey

    Wow! Try shooting sometime the terrorist Pakistanis

  5. Muhammad Nadeem Butt

    Muhammad Nadeem Butt

    The biggest terrorist organiser in the world are US Israel and Endia…if these countries stop killing innocent and stop promoting terror then I’m sure world can be a peaceful place to live

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