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  1. Bilal Khalid

    Bilal Khalid

    Its a win of both Pakistan n Kashmir. Pakistan victory is Kashmir’s victory !!!! We are one soul, one heart, our love for each other is never ending !!!! Azaadi Azaadi Azaadi !!! freedom freedom !!! #FreeKashmir #Azaadi #Pakistan #Kashmir

  2. Muhammad Irfan Javed

    Muhammad Irfan Javed

    We Pakistani dedicated this victory to our Kashmiri Brothers who are fighting for freedom. Further thanks for your Love ?and Support? for Pakistani Cricket team. PAKISTAN ZINDABAD – KASHMIR PAINDABAD ✌

  3. Sartaj Idul Amin

    Sartaj Idul Amin

    We are pakistani and pakistan is ours

  4. Muzamil Majid

    Muzamil Majid

    It’s like EID in occupied KASHMIR

  5. Umar Parry

    Umar Parry

    Amir nd fakhar marham lagadia yrr ajj barsu baad…
    Love u alot

  6. Moin Mubarak

    Moin Mubarak

    Islam ki nisbat say, Islam k taluq se….Hum pakistani hai pakistan hamara hai…LOVE FROM #KASHMIR???

  7. Nasir Mehmood

    Nasir Mehmood

    Endia will go to its end soon. Inshallah

  8. Dar Inayat Dar

    Dar Inayat Dar

    him Pakistani hai Pakistan hamara hai love from kashmiries its our win today

  9. Faixan Hafiz

    Faixan Hafiz

    People took to the streets, hold nocturnal pro-freedom rallies in Kashmir and celebrate Pakistan’s spectacular win against India…The kashmirs love towards pakistan in unbelievable love you my brothers?

  10. Umar Mukhtar

    Umar Mukhtar

    We kashmiri love pak #OLWAYS BLEDD FOR #GREEN. Eid se pehle humari Eid hogayi.
    Well done sarfaraz nd company.#Support nd #Love for srinagar

  11. Ashfaq Mohammad Bhat

    Ashfaq Mohammad Bhat

    Even here Militants Gave Gun Salutes, What a Celebration in Kashmir…..
    Itz was Curfew like Situation Till 9PM….
    Once Pakistan Registered their Victory..whole Kashmir came out on Streets

  12. Akeel Nazir

    Akeel Nazir

    Pakistan violating ceasefire in cricket, the shift in battle from border to London © Akeel Nazir

  13. DrYousuf Naik

    DrYousuf Naik

    Kashmir should not be light minded and euphoric, like indians to jubiliate just on Cricket match / just play of boys

  14. Áadíl RàSøøl

    Áadíl RàSøøl

    It was not pak vs india ……it was kashmir vs india & finally kashmir win by 180 runs

  15. Danial Hifaz

    Danial Hifaz

    This is Great Victory ….. Kashmir Its Your Victory ….. Pakistan Zindabaad Kashmir Zindabaad ..

  16. Faaiz Rajput

    Faaiz Rajput

    And they will always celebrate our victory.
    Love for kashmir

  17. Showkat Dar

    Showkat Dar

    Eid say phlyy hi pak na eidii dii hmmy..we love u pak…

  18. Lone Junaid

    Lone Junaid

    Two Indians who priced for crossing line first Kulbushan now Bumrah.

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