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  1. Mian Bilal

    Mian Bilal

    Ro #india Ro
    Go and hide in toilets 😂😂
    Oh you dont have toilets 😂😂😂
    #acha_sorry 😂😂😂😂

  2. Aammar Fayaz Jimmy

    Aammar Fayaz Jimmy

    One with a weapon is alwaya a tiger let them drop their gun and face us and then they shall see who we kashmiris are and how we will destroy these black pigs biharis….

  3. Muhammad Faisal Afridi

    Muhammad Faisal Afridi

    Gand tite kar kachra awaam 😃😃

  4. Bill Cartor Mayank

    Bill Cartor Mayank

    Keep barking
    Ek match ka jeet gaya
    Beta to baap ko aankh dikha ne laga
    Aisa lag raha hai ki moon aur mars per humlog nahi yee garib log pahuch gaya hai

  5. BinTay Asghar

    BinTay Asghar

    That’s the only thing they r good at …

  6. Bipin Kumar

    Bipin Kumar

    Basterd dont make fake news

  7. Javaid Paul Javaid

    Javaid Paul Javaid

    They r doing this since the day the occupied our motherland forcibly and illegally by the dint of military might.

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