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  1. Kumar Gaurav

    Kumar Gaurav

    And that youth was carrying AK47 and killing people, this is called Terrorist.
    There were 3 of them, 2 killed, and 1 surrendered.
    No need to glorify them, every indian and people in kashmir valley, people in Jammu, people in Laddakh all hate them.

  2. Waleed Khan

    Waleed Khan

    Indian state terrorism continued in occupied Kashmir.
    Indian terrorists in uniform are killing the unarmed civilians and snatching everything from them..
    May Allah’s wrath upon indian oppressors.Aameen

  3. Pradip Choubey

    Pradip Choubey

    We will love to Martyr this kind of Youths. More are on the way prepare a news for them.

  4. Abhishek Sharma

    Abhishek Sharma

    Kya baat h aaj headline me fake encounter likhna bhool gae kya? 😂😂

  5. Bipin Kumar

    Bipin Kumar

    Kashmiri freedome fighter should be thankful to indian army that they are arranging quicklly 72 HOORS for them.

  6. Manav Bhardwaj

    Manav Bhardwaj


  7. Rohit Sharma

    Rohit Sharma

    Bc ye konsa chutiaa news outlet hai..
    Din bhar randi rona macha rakha hai india ki against isi ka agenda chalaya hua hai 😂
    Inke sources are so shit.. aisa lgta hai saare sasta nasha karne walo ki bharti inke yaha hui hai aur editors n writers b wahi hai…n so much obsession with india.

    Laughing stock

  8. Bhuvnesh Khandelwal

    Bhuvnesh Khandelwal

    Mai bhi ye hi dekh raha tha 😂😂😂

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