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  1. Asif Mahmood

    Asif Mahmood

    Inhumanity and cruelty at its best….???

  2. Asif Mahmood

    Asif Mahmood

    These guys get raped publicly and let them live their whole life as a G**do so they can understand…

  3. Imran Shahzad Rai

    Imran Shahzad Rai

    Shameful for humanity….

  4. Wasim Raza

    Wasim Raza

    apni sis bhejna h kya Toi jo itna kudtha h rape news pr?? bhej de me uska dekh bal kr lunga achhe se

  5. Syed Awsiya Hassan

    Syed Awsiya Hassan

    Arey bihari….

    Pehle shouchaliya banao…

    Ek bihari
    Sou bimaari

  6. Wasim Raza

    Wasim Raza

    Syed Awsiya Hassan 3 toilet h , send ur 3 sis then ok?

  7. Syed Awsiya Hassan

    Syed Awsiya Hassan

    Pori state Mai khali 3 toilets ??

    Abhey gandway..nanga nahayega Kya aur nichodey ga Kya 😛

  8. Abdul Rehman

    Abdul Rehman

    Shamfull rundia rapstan

  9. Tanveer Ahmed Chattah

    Tanveer Ahmed Chattah

    Squeaky clean India their pass time is rape

  10. Dar Inayat Dar

    Dar Inayat Dar

    80℅of worlds crimes happen in india

  11. Wasim Raza

    Wasim Raza

    Syed Awsiya Hassan are teri bhen State ki nhi meri rkhel bnegi sala , pure bihar me nachwana h kya ?

  12. Danial Hifaz

    Danial Hifaz

    O God Help Indian Womens

  13. FarRukh FaheEm

    FarRukh FaheEm

    bihari bht behen behen kr rha hai match nhi dekha kia wohi haal hoga tera bhi

  14. FarRukh FaheEm

    FarRukh FaheEm

    maa behen hojaegi phrse pange mat le ?

  15. Sofi Basit

    Sofi Basit


  16. Wasim Raza

    Wasim Raza

    FarRukh FaheEm wo toilet ke baare me phuch rha tha syed apni bhen ka rista laya tha

  17. Wasim Raza

    Wasim Raza

    FarRukh FaheEm match dekha bht khusi hue

  18. Wasim Raza

    Wasim Raza

    To tere logic se jb tm harte ho to sm chiz hota tha waha??

  19. Abu Raiyan

    Abu Raiyan

    Azhar Khan Kayani seems like everything is back to normal in India now after the match

  20. Azhar Khan Kayani

    Azhar Khan Kayani

    Shame where they will protect cows but not women

  21. Bilal Ahmed

    Bilal Ahmed

    Cricket ka ghusa, bechari radha pay

  22. Wasim Raza

    Wasim Raza

    Ghulam Mustafa im rapist fr every pakis

  23. Syed Muqadder Hussain Shah

    Syed Muqadder Hussain Shah

    However it’s not awful coz it’s a symptom of Liberty on one hand as well as RevOLution on another yet we should wrry for ourselves coz the one thing which happens with us happens really awkwardly and creating Like havoc and remmber how many giRLz have been gaNg raped by Indian military in iok and still we can rejoice that we have won the match IZz it Faheem Faisal can I forget that since 1990 only with 25 years still 2016 sOme abOut 25000 tweNty five thausand women had been gang raped brutally across iok what abOut that

  24. Syed Muqadder Hussain Shah

    Syed Muqadder Hussain Shah

    Stupid stoP fReakin Out it was an accident NothiN else

  25. Syed Muqadder Hussain Shah

    Syed Muqadder Hussain Shah

    Stupid better wrry for the woman across iok got it

  26. Zain Alam

    Zain Alam

    ab sb indiots kyun comment nahi kr rahy. Maderschap this is true face of your dirty nation

  27. Wasim Raza

    Wasim Raza

    Syed Muqadder Hussain Shah stupid i support Kashmir struggle

  28. Syed Muqadder Hussain Shah

    Syed Muqadder Hussain Shah

    Remmber iok 25000 wPmen gang raped across siNce 1990

  29. Syed Muqadder Hussain Shah

    Syed Muqadder Hussain Shah

    Coz India iZz much greatest country

  30. Muhammad Atif Khan

    Muhammad Atif Khan

    Ahmad Ibrahim A girl is rapid again in india

  31. Afeef Naqash Salafi

    Afeef Naqash Salafi

    it is bcax modi amit shah all have bundles of FIR in police stations.

  32. Hassan Sial

    Hassan Sial

    kesy kaminy log hain afsos karny ki bajay hat dharmi dikhati hain had haram iski bhn ka koe rape karta to is sy pochty

  33. Hassan Sial

    Hassan Sial

    koch naya bolo yar ye to india main daily ka kam hy

  34. Wasim Raza

    Wasim Raza

    Hassan Sial haste to tmhare log h jb v toi post krta h tvi to mene comment kiya! Kya fyada kutto ko ye sb news suna kr sb haseyege hi .. Got it ???

  35. Ferdous Ahmed

    Ferdous Ahmed

    That’s the original Rendia aka Rapistan!!!

  36. Eleni Duplessis

    Eleni Duplessis

    “Rape is one of the most terrible crimes on earth and it happens every few minutes. The problem with groups who deal with rape is that they try to educate women about how to defend themselves. What really needs to be done is teaching men not to rape. Go to the source and start there.”
    ― Kurt Cobain

  37. Aamir Ali Gopang

    Aamir Ali Gopang

    This is indian culture.?

  38. Gazaan Javaid

    Gazaan Javaid

    India is a place where cow is more important than women

  39. Faheem Faisal

    Faheem Faisal

    Bro it’s happening in India not in Pakistan ….we are enjoying champions trophy because we want to show the world who we are … All of this shit is happening in India and still they pretend to be a no.1 civilisation of the world

  40. Muhammad Suleman

    Muhammad Suleman

    that’s the reality of indians

  41. Amna Khan

    Amna Khan

    Inka cricket se dehaan hatay tou ickay against koi action le. #poorsoul??

  42. Arsalan Saleem

    Arsalan Saleem

    Not a new thing in india

  43. Raja Khalid Minhas

    Raja Khalid Minhas

    Hate this kill the bastards

  44. Shoaib Ali

    Shoaib Ali

    Yes in India cow is more important than women and practice of female feticide is common among masses which to some extent has created gender imbalance.

  45. Taha Imran

    Taha Imran

    Wblack face of so called lunatic evil ugly state

  46. Neelima Aneja Jagadesan

    Neelima Aneja Jagadesan

    Pakistan has 30 times more rapes against women, kids and young boys but no high lights in media….and no reporting because of the extreme corruption in Pakistan. India has 1.3 billion people so according to the proportion India is significantly very low in crime and rapes comparatively to Pakistan.

  47. Waqas Abdul Waheed Dewani

    Waqas Abdul Waheed Dewani



    EVERY 2 out 3 women got harassed there ….

    Accept it ….

    India where hindu men in majority are animals

    Rest communities are peaceful there

    Sikhs Christians
    Muslims etc

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