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  1. Asad Khan

    Asad Khan

    gandu yahi aukat h inki buzdil hai Jo civil abadi pr firing krte hai abhi eq civilian shaheed hogayah….rapistani

  2. Izaz Khan

    Izaz Khan

    These coward are Targeting civilians through mortars, but wait our snipers will gave them a bitter treat.

  3. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Shame on them they always end up their frustration on civilians. But wait Indian army just wait a storm is coming towards you. Our brave army will not give you enough time to wrap up those fallen bodies in garbage bags.

  4. Ravi Surya

    Ravi Surya

    One pig departed to hell

  5. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Those laughing should know that killing a civillian is not a thing to be proud on.

  6. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Teri maa ka yaar tha pig beghairat insaan ruk jaa thori dair jub hmari baari ai ghayab na hoi #namard_army

  7. Prasanna Das

    Prasanna Das

    We know how your brave army work…..just bow down and surrender as they did in 1971

  8. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Wow so you are proud of attacking on someone’s back when they were busy dealing with someone else wah wah shaanai hai👏👏👏

  9. Gourav Talgotra

    Gourav Talgotra

    Sniper to hamare pass bi hai

  10. Kumar Gaurav

    Kumar Gaurav

    India never ever attacked pakistan 1st,
    It is pakistan job to stab in back, whether it is operation Gibraltar in 1965, or operation Kargil in 1999,
    each time your ‘Brave army’ apni uniform utar ke salwar kamiz pehan ke aati hai ladne,
    That’s called Backstabbing.

  11. Ravi Surya

    Ravi Surya

    Pig’s dick worshipper spotted

  12. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    You should check history nigga everyone knows you forcefully arrested poor farmers and people just for a damn signature what you earned? Nothing you have lost gilgit and azad Kashmir through wars.

  13. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Woh toh tum Indian krtai ho lingam.

  14. Aabid Shah

    Aabid Shah

    Ravi surya is a pig of india

  15. Akeel Ahmed

    Akeel Ahmed

    Pakistani army soldiers should finish their post

  16. Kunal Lokhande

    Kunal Lokhande

    Mashallah !! One khawarij dujjal slave sent to hell by India mujahedin … Allah keep blessing ur soldiers ameen

  17. Kunal Lokhande

    Kunal Lokhande

    In every time porkistan attacked india ,each face humiliation defeat ….. 😂😂😂😂

  18. Veer Parvez

    Veer Parvez

    We will take indian armymens head along with weapon tomorrow

  19. Pradip Choubey

    Pradip Choubey

    Wow! Its time to rejoice for Pakistanis as he can now enjoy 72 Virgin female pigs

  20. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Do you know our soldier didn’t died a civilian died and Yes yes we got azad Kashmir and gilgit in Jahez right joker.

  21. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Killing a civilian and then showing off like this only Indians are capable of doing this!

  22. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Use kro phir sniper ko oh sorry golia nhi hongi😂😂😂

  23. Pareeshay Noor

    Pareeshay Noor

    That one p!g Ravi Surya Suwar ka bacha spotted here

  24. Pareeshay Noor

    Pareeshay Noor

    Prasanna Das This time your Hijra army will bow down and surrender again like they did in 1962 in front of China 😉

  25. Pareeshay Noor

    Pareeshay Noor

    Kumar Gaurav Tm rundian sirf Bollywood ki duniya he jaanty ho reality sy tm rundies ko badhazmi ho jati hy phir motion rukwaany k liay apny abba g US k paas bhaagty ho hr dafa 😂

  26. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Sir-ji-kl-strike 😂😂😂

  27. Pareeshay Noor

    Pareeshay Noor

    This is what Coward hijras can do only killing of armless civilians whether they are Kashmiri,Assami, from Nagaland, from Manipur from Khalistan or at LOC

  28. Bhuvnesh Khandelwal

    Bhuvnesh Khandelwal

    Brave army can’t stop my laugh😂😂😂😂

  29. Bhuvnesh Khandelwal

    Bhuvnesh Khandelwal

    72 hoore mili h pagal jannat ki😂😂😂

  30. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Keep laughing then who said we stop people from laughing?? We make them smile ✊.

  31. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    To all readers the above comment excludes Indians thank you it was Fahad butt reporting to you live about Indian sir-ji-kl strike 😜😜😇.

  32. Sohail Shaikh

    Sohail Shaikh

    Female pigs??? Lolol tumhari Randian mata ki baat nahi ho rahi Pradip Choutiye 😂😂😂

  33. Sohail Shaikh

    Sohail Shaikh

    Tumhari piggi mata ki baat nahi ho rahi kafir hindu baniye 😂😂😂

  34. Pareeshay Noor

    Pareeshay Noor

    Bhuvnesh Khandelwal we are not talking about your rundian hijra army so don’t laugh kiddo 😉

  35. Kunal Lokhande

    Kunal Lokhande

    He talking porki ammi sohail gandu … 😂😂😂😂😂

  36. Sohail Shaikh

    Sohail Shaikh

    Kunal gande Lokhande but i am talking about your Randian slutty mata Bhosrikay 😂😂😂😂

  37. Vikash Joshi

    Vikash Joshi

    yes.. porki brave army busy in masterbating

  38. Vikash Joshi

    Vikash Joshi

    hum to marenge.. hume mza aata h… bakrichod

  39. Asad Khan

    Asad Khan

    gandu phir tere fouji marte toh hamme bhi maza ata hai .phir teri roto media ka ronaa shuro gandu reply mai tera fouji mara hai eq

  40. Asad Khan

    Asad Khan

    haha tere bohki soar fouj ka bhi eq mara h..lund ab teri media roaiy ge

  41. Asad Khan

    Asad Khan

    gandu civilian k upper firing krte ho lund buzdil.

  42. Fahad Kashmiri

    Fahad Kashmiri

    Vikash on your armies face😂😂😂😂

  43. Aditya Rawat

    Aditya Rawat

    he he he yes surrender army bark only in f b

  44. Aditya Rawat

    Aditya Rawat

    he he he nd pigistani fighting only in f b nd we create bangladesh and next baluchistan…

  45. Bipin Kumar

    Bipin Kumar

    Wait indian army..

    Iski ammi chudayegi aur dubara iska ek bhai paida hoga..
    Wahi indian army se ladega..
    Hahahaha..sala basterd

  46. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard

    Fahad Kashmiri Why ae you asking us to wait? Oh we forgot : You have run out of ammo and are waiting from China to give you Aid for that too eh ?

  47. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard

    Fahad Kashmiri Kindly change your name to Fahad Jihadi. That suits you better.

  48. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard

    Pareeshay Noor This is what Coward Pakistani hijras can do only killing of armless civilians whether they are Baloch or Pashtoons , from Sindh , from Waziristan from POK or during Bangladesh 1971 war.

  49. Paul Bernard

    Paul Bernard

    Pradip Choubey I was just wondering if their Female Jihadis will get 72 Virgin Studs or will they too have to settle for 72 Virgin Hoors?

  50. Mattiullah Khan

    Mattiullah Khan

    On loc we fuck your coward bsf daily

  51. Pareeshay Noor

    Pareeshay Noor

    Yeah Rundian urf p!gistani P!gies only b*rking on fb We Create Pakistan Bangladesh and Half Kashmir now
    #FreeUtterPradesh and all 70 sates who are demanding freedom from terrorist rundia are next INSHA ALLAH 😉

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