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  1. Shakeel Khan

    Shakeel Khan

    Ap to hijra army lar ni sakte sale reboot us kere ge fucker hindos cow piss drinkers randian fuck off 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  2. Syed Yasir

    Syed Yasir

    I wll kill all indian pigs inshallah

  3. Shakeel Khan

    Shakeel Khan

    Randi ke bache atna dum ha ha to ja border pe sale tumhari tati ni rokegi 10 din tak ja ja ke cow piss pe or soja randian me atna dum ni ha cow piss drinkers randian

  4. Mansoor Ali

    Mansoor Ali

    Hahaha make some toilets.

  5. Rajiv Jain

    Rajiv Jain

    Indian Army will use Robots in Kashmir to fight Pak terrorists !

  6. Afsar Ali

    Afsar Ali

    Failed jokers Army now using rajnikrnt movie reboot…… Please install toilets first!

  7. Sakii FaRhan

    Sakii FaRhan

    Hahahaha…. Let him bark…

  8. Bhavesh Radidya

    Bhavesh Radidya

    We have … if u want u can build toilet in here ..

  9. Kumar Gaurav

    Kumar Gaurav

    Ye porki puppets in robots ke aage bhi surrender karenge.

  10. Sakii FaRhan

    Sakii FaRhan

    This world is standing bcoz of muslims…u r here bcoz of we muslims….. @bhavesh

  11. Shakeel Khan

    Shakeel Khan

    Cow piss drinkers 😜😛😜😛😜😛😜😛

  12. Shakeel Khan

    Shakeel Khan

    Mobile toilets hahahahhaha randian

  13. Syed Yasir

    Syed Yasir

    @ Bhavesh Radidya kala kala kala kala sabou humnai dooudh mai dala phir be waha sai nikla tu he behari harami sour sala..

  14. Huzaifa Shiekh

    Huzaifa Shiekh



  15. Bhavesh Radidya

    Bhavesh Radidya

    Terrorist nation …. shut up I wish earth would be mullah free

  16. Syed Yasir

    Syed Yasir

    Kumar apne kali gaandh dou kar aaja

  17. Syed Yasir

    Syed Yasir

    @ bhavesh radidya jee kai modi sai chudwa kai aaja

  18. Chaudhry Fahad

    Chaudhry Fahad

    When ur army is nt capable 🙂

  19. Chaudhry Fahad

    Chaudhry Fahad

    When ur army is nt capable 🙂

  20. Hamid Abubakar

    Hamid Abubakar

    After 50 years

  21. Bhavesh Radidya

    Bhavesh Radidya

    We will butcher mullahs

    Allah hu fuck burrrr

  22. Sahil Chandrakar

    Sahil Chandrakar

    Really Freedom fighters 😂😂😂

  23. Hamid Abubakar

    Hamid Abubakar

    Atleast bloody endian should keep working on TOILET, rather then day dreaming of robot like ur missiles…..which has a range of 100 m and always crash from where it launched.

  24. Malik Aakash

    Malik Aakash

    Indian army used today in south Kashmir but Robot where failed.

  25. Saif Chaudhary

    Saif Chaudhary

    And that’s funny ???
    A robot isn’t human, he can kill the human, and the kashmiris can’t destroy a robot with stones !

  26. Bhavesh Radidya

    Bhavesh Radidya

    Tere ammi ki bhej Modi RSS sb se chodwadenge ….

  27. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    Masha Allah.

  28. Bhavesh Radidya

    Bhavesh Radidya

    Marjona mullahs …. I hate mullahs from the bottom of my heart

  29. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    Breaking news
    In other side
    Encounter is going on
    Keep hoor ready 😂😂

  30. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    Sure only on Facebook

  31. Aadil Yashraaz

    Aadil Yashraaz

    says a poor kid without shelter

  32. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    Banwa liya re 1947 main
    Aur uska naam Poopistan bhi rakh diya

  33. Syed Yasir

    Syed Yasir

    If ur indian dogs are really brave than why 10000 dogs fighting with only two mujahideens ??????

  34. Firdous Athar

    Firdous Athar

    First make toilets in india……bloody indian beggars

  35. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    Freedom fighter = baluchis

    Common logic

  36. Firdous Athar

    Firdous Athar

    Even 8 lakh troops of indian coward army cannot stop us…and your robots , we will crush them soon with our stones….

  37. Äftäb Baloch

    Äftäb Baloch

    😂😂😂😂 darte hn sale kahin stone se mar na jain…. Yh pak Army ya bullet ka samna kese krn ge….. 😂😂😂

  38. Huzaifa Shiekh

    Huzaifa Shiekh

    Only 1 freedom fighter where is ”S” 😉

  39. Afsar Ali

    Afsar Ali

    Aadil Yashraaz we have shelters and toilets also….. I know in fake I’d there is cow urine sit behind but they don’t know Kashmir is Herat of Pakistan

  40. Huzaifa Shiekh

    Huzaifa Shiekh

    Dinkar Harmalkar ham Pakistanio se mat kehlo tm se na ho pae ga…

  41. Shareh Butt

    Shareh Butt

    because soldiers are too coward to face them

  42. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    Jao hum nahi khelte


  43. Syed Saqlain Alvi

    Syed Saqlain Alvi

    Bahadur kashmiri qom kisise nai darti

  44. Ankit Parashar

    Ankit Parashar

    44% pakistani do not have access of toilet
    Nd 34% indian
    Nd 11% pakistani do not have shelter
    Compare to india 0.15%

  45. Aadil Yashraaz

    Aadil Yashraaz

    40 million piggystanis are without toilets even after when the population is only close to 200 million.

  46. Ankit Parashar

    Ankit Parashar

    93,000😂😂world largest surrender… 😂 😂 😂 Whole world know who is coward

  47. Hamza Iftikhar

    Hamza Iftikhar

    This shows that Indian Army can not fight unarmed freedom struggle of Kashmir – Cowards are using Robots instead -“Kashmir will soon be Pakistan😍😍😍😍”

  48. Aadil Yashraaz

    Aadil Yashraaz

    what a shame. bakrichods!!!!

  49. Sunil Kumar Bhardwaj

    Sunil Kumar Bhardwaj

    Haha #Dinkar seda pichwade mai thok diya bhai

  50. Aadil Yashraaz

    Aadil Yashraaz

    what a shame. bakrichods!!!!

  51. Huzaifa Shiekh

    Huzaifa Shiekh

    Abe jao tom log mandir ki gantian bajao ja k ton ton ton ghade ka putla ka bhi time pass hojae ga….

  52. Basir Butt

    Basir Butt

    Bench of incompetents

  53. Afsar Ali

    Afsar Ali

    Aadil Yashraaz then who’s doing surgicals strikes in street’s seas forests everydays u should be watch your dirty Discovery event how english media laughing on your Rapistan Dirty nation

  54. Afsar Ali

    Afsar Ali

    Aadil Yashraaz and yeah we have ability to chod your entire Rapistan

  55. Khan Muhammad Mustafa

    Khan Muhammad Mustafa

    Indian EME stepping it’s game

  56. Saif Chaudhary

    Saif Chaudhary

    Dinkar Harmalkar why the americans don’t want to transfert the F-16s technology to India ?
    Modi says “make in india make india” 😂😂😂
    You just will assemble F-16s parts in India, no make india 😂😂😂

  57. Hassan Ch

    Hassan Ch

    Bahadur jawan ub remotes k sahara len gy😂😂

  58. Saif Chaudhary

    Saif Chaudhary

    126 to just 36 Rafales ??? Why ? 😂😂😂

  59. Mlm Nav Sharma

    Mlm Nav Sharma

    Clean them up and make them a minority in Kashmir and bring Kashmiri Pandits back

  60. Saif Chaudhary

    Saif Chaudhary

    Why the Tejas still a prototype ? No production in series ? 😂😂😂
    And why Indian Navy denies this jet ?
    All countries buy JF-17s, that’s why it’s a crap ? 😂😂😂

  61. Awais Ali Zafar

    Awais Ali Zafar

    Well americans could not use robots against taliban. How can poor indians? Who dont have food for their army😝😝

  62. Mian Omer Asghar

    Mian Omer Asghar

    Its mean 8 lac army in occupied kashmir = 8 lac frogs 😂

  63. Jawad Khoso

    Jawad Khoso

    Use robots to make toilets

  64. Qaisar Waqar

    Qaisar Waqar

    These robots will be screwed and will kill its own army.

  65. Arun Rathore

    Arun Rathore

    Afsar Ali India is far better than your Dirty stinky Pakistan ! Farzi Muslims Trying to Adopt Arab culture

  66. Arun Rathore

    Arun Rathore

    Hahahaha Pickup AK47 and take azaadi

  67. Abu Raiyan

    Abu Raiyan

    his surname randi-deya lol

  68. Syed Yasir

    Syed Yasir

    @ arun i wll gve u my own AK 47

  69. Afsar Ali

    Afsar Ali

    Arun Rathore Nice joke Hindu virus

  70. Shabir Bhat

    Shabir Bhat

    Kyu indian terrorists sab khatam ho gaye

  71. Himanshu Dixit

    Himanshu Dixit

    Very good decision Indian army kills all. Gaddar of Kashmir

  72. Aadil Yashraaz

    Aadil Yashraaz

    hahaha we did surgical strike which is a reminder of 1971. I tell you what, you gotta check the basic stats of both the countries. like literacy rate, per capita income, standard of living and whole of the HDI. you will get your answer. 😸😹😸😹😸

  73. Bhatt Muneeb

    Bhatt Muneeb

    This shows they don’t trust their poor army men, . Now they will use robots.& robots will not complain for food also, savage for endia . Anyways , we are ready 😊

  74. Shareh Butt

    Shareh Butt

    whole world knows who is ignorant, total army deployed was 25000, you arrested civilians & families of army officers, that’s quite cowardly, urine drinker

  75. Shareh Butt

    Shareh Butt

    what about 48,65 & 62,99… loosers?

  76. Fatahullah Qureshi

    Fatahullah Qureshi

    we want pak army and mullahs

  77. Azhar Khan Kayani

    Azhar Khan Kayani

    What if a cow is used by freedom jawans lolz

  78. Sange Khochi

    Sange Khochi

    Shitty face shitty brain. So shitty fuck ass hole.

  79. Moin Istiak

    Moin Istiak

    India is a poor country in the world #Arun Rathore

  80. Moin Istiak

    Moin Istiak

    Free for Gujrat Kashmir

  81. Irfan Gauhar

    Irfan Gauhar

    Because their men are incompetent

  82. Nitin Thakran

    Nitin Thakran

    Shareh Butt
    BTW it should be How about not what about. Its better to go to school rather than hating other nation.
    Let’s first talk about 48,65 and 99.
    The major goal of all the wars is to snatch Kashmir from India.
    In 1948 your army fails to do that.
    Then 1965 comes just 3 year after 1962 sino-Indian war. In 1965 Indian army reached Lahore and your army begged in UN for ceasefire. Then in 1999 Kargil war your army aim was to cut National Highway-1 Delta from the rest of the country. Your army again fails to do that. Even your army refused to take bodies of martyred soldiers of Pakistani army most of them are from Northern Light Infantry. Even some of your Pakistani army officers says that Kargil is the biggest blunder done by Mushraff.
    So, just take out your head from goat’s butt because only after you can see the reality.
    And Once again its how about not what about. Go and get some schooling.

  83. Kaiser Minar

    Kaiser Minar

    Soon they will use cow

  84. Rizwan Sajjad

    Rizwan Sajjad

    Bhavesh Radidya we will all kill or finish Pandit Rishi Muni Sant Guru Sidha Antaryami Sanyasi Sadhu even all Hinduism

  85. Nitin Thakran

    Nitin Thakran

    Total strength 13 lakh and 8 lakh in Kashmir.
    Hahahahahahhaha lol!
    Pakistani are so intelligent.
    Hats off
    Go and get some schooling

  86. Mian Omer Asghar

    Mian Omer Asghar

    beta kashmir main kashmirion ne daba k rakha hai .. wahan 8 lac bhi kam par jaegi…. dekhte jao..

  87. Amaan Khan

    Amaan Khan

    awww 10 lakh army fails…………

  88. MGR NTR 🇮🇳

    MGR NTR 🇮🇳

    Freedom fighters??? Lol… They are terrorists…

  89. Muzi Muzamil

    Muzi Muzamil

    hahahha hum robot ko b nahi chodinge HUm kashmiri hai patanjali nahi hahahha

  90. Farrago of Cowfefe

    Farrago of Cowfefe

    So now Robots will fuck these terrorist developed by the Pakistan production house…

  91. Rëhãåñ Mâlîk

    Rëhãåñ Mâlîk

    haa inn mai itna dum nhi hai ki freedom fighters aur sagbaazoo ke saath ladd sakey issliye robots ko laaya innhoo ne

  92. Aadil Yashraaz

    Aadil Yashraaz

    kashmir belongs to our kashmiri pandits 💑💑💪💪💪

  93. Asadullah Shah

    Asadullah Shah

    And your remaining kashmiri pundits will be wipe out soon. Wait and Look and enjoy.

  94. Asadullah Shah

    Asadullah Shah

    Heads of robots will be found in pakistan. Lets try for this.

  95. Asadullah Shah

    Asadullah Shah

    Haha these robots definitely would be made in israel. Who sucks indian economy like a parasite. India is a milking cow for israel. Otherwise toilets are more compulsory than robots bcoz indian population is growing very fast. And the reason behind it is non availability of toilets. Women urinate on footpaths like goats. And porn addictives make them pregnant by ‏raping‏ her. 34000 registered rape cases in 2016 shows the real dirty face indian society. It means after every 15 minutes, a woman is raped somewhere in shining india. It shows the low morale and disappointment of indians. So india should focus on basic needs. Israelis want only to make their country stable with the help of indian taxpayers money.

  96. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    By the keep hoors ready there,
    Encounter is going on

  97. Dinkar Harmalkar

    Dinkar Harmalkar

    Stone Pelter now jobless 😂😂

  98. Kaling Sangkong Tayeng

    Kaling Sangkong Tayeng

    Aadil Yashraaz you are no more pandits, you are converted moron who destroyed the peace of beautiful valley.

  99. Amaan Khan

    Amaan Khan

    biggest chytiya of d award goes to ….. “dinker “… cong chutiye

  100. Amaan Khan

    Amaan Khan

    Dinker Again chutiya oscar award goes in ur fav ….cong chutiye

  101. Jawaria Khaliq Julie

    Jawaria Khaliq Julie

    Hahaha apne ap per bharOsa ni he … But roBots per he wow …. Beshaq Allab her cheez per qadir he !!

  102. ankit balar

    ankit balar

    Freedom fighters?😂😂 they are sex starved dolts

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