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  1. Тнє Вөѕѕ

    Тнє Вөѕѕ

    Iss Ke Shakal Or Buthi Check Karo Zra Rona Ata Ha Mujha in Randians Pa ?

  2. Mirza Arslan Shoukat

    Mirza Arslan Shoukat

    Sheela aur munni bhejenge I think Border ko hot krne k liye ?

  3. Тнє Вөѕѕ

    Тнє Вөѕѕ

    is Ko Koi Ghr Ma 1 Waqt Ke Roti Nhi Deta Hoo Ga Or Yhn Pakistan Pa Attack Kara Ga Ya Bhen Ka Loda Sukhi Jhaat ??

  4. HaRis Bhutto

    HaRis Bhutto

    Mirza Arslan Shoukat Hahhaa sahe bola

  5. Syed Mohsin Ali

    Syed Mohsin Ali

    we won’t be sitting here ideal

  6. Rizwan Sajjad

    Rizwan Sajjad

    Endia is in moaning state beating their chest right now weeping and crying shouting screaming every where in Endia death of more than 160 jokers soldiers…coward, pussy lover, cunt licking rapist soldiers sent to the nurg….

  7. Kalim Khan

    Kalim Khan

    Look who’s talking kicked from China it’s now pakistans turn to kick their ass.

  8. Muhammad B. Siddiqui

    Muhammad B. Siddiqui

    Is INDIA planning for another disaster like she planned in 1962 ???
    I think They should stay quite & remember 1962 vs China and 1965 vs Pak?

    Battle of Chawinda hi yd krlo bht hai tm logo k liye

  9. Shahid Parvez

    Shahid Parvez

    سالیاں دی موت واجاں مار دی پئی آ

  10. Taha Imran

    Taha Imran

    Get you bazari nasty cow piss nation

  11. Kim Mirza

    Kim Mirza

    Endia dog’s just bark same mantra over and over again.

  12. Muhammad Faysal

    Muhammad Faysal

    My simple question to the editor , why u r publishing Indian DGMO pt of view of the contrary Pakistan DGMO also gave the same tough message????
    These actions have no limits, there are vulnerabilities of Pakistan as well as of Indian. If India will open new dimension certainly he has to bear the same for itself. India stop frauding ur nation.

  13. Abdullah Burki

    Abdullah Burki

    In kutto ko kia chaie muje ye nhi pta! Shaied zindgi se tng agy hai??

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