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  1. Intezar Hussain

    Intezar Hussain

    US Is A War Manger Country

  2. Adnan Hazique

    Adnan Hazique

    Now Indian’s will comment we have become superpower after purchasing this lol hahaha joker’s thanks for entertaining us

  3. Adil Khan

    Adil Khan

    BC le tu len gy mgr chalaye ga kon ?

  4. Aaryan Raj

    Aaryan Raj

    Our air force is one of the best in the world.

  5. Adnan Hazique

    Adnan Hazique

    nahi beta we already have viper that’s more powerful and destructive

  6. M Zaman Mangal

    M Zaman Mangal

    Andia will submit it to his partners to afghantan

  7. Adnan Hazique

    Adnan Hazique

    ya aryan they are good at crashing there planes lol

  8. Abdul Gani Rather

    Abdul Gani Rather

    adnan bayi khareedny sy ka hoga ya phir bi tus ha kyuki chalany waly ek dum bachay aur darpoke ha

  9. Rizwan Khan

    Rizwan Khan

    Inshallah Yeh Sara weapons Ghazwai Hind ke Bd Hamary qabzy mai Anay wala hai…Waisy b Momin ka Yaqen sirf aur Sirf Allah ke zaat hai…

  10. Arush Chowdhary

    Arush Chowdhary

    Adnan Hazique how many ?

  11. Daniyal Azhar

    Daniyal Azhar

    Look at the begger’s thought

  12. Sumit Dutta

    Sumit Dutta

    Abe kharidne ke liye hamare pass paise hain. Sale bheek mango. China ki pehni hui langot pehente ho tum.

  13. Syed Muqadder Hussain Shah

    Syed Muqadder Hussain Shah

    Maa dii kuss oyya anna dii!!! Panykko takbNizatiON Pakistan say kerwaii ab apche India ko day rhay ho maa da phudda oyya tuada sareya deya panykko aike general Zia ul haq aike general gillani and then comes the thug the curropt pmln !!! Fuck off

  14. Intezar Hussain

    Intezar Hussain

    Ghazwa E Hind?Chrta Ke Day Da Hind?

  15. Muhammad Tahir Hashim

    Muhammad Tahir Hashim

    Now india will bark and bite for america… They are below pathetic … Toilet less nation = poti nation

  16. Adnan Hazique

    Adnan Hazique

    haha as pe world bank india is the largest borrower of money lol now who is the real beggar lol khudi apni bezzatu karvayee

  17. Rajput Mihir Khula Bhatti

    Rajput Mihir Khula Bhatti

    Who is going to fly them, randians can’t they get confused and end up crashing.

  18. Adnan Hazique

    Adnan Hazique

    nahi tuu lagta haa isliye kehta haa lol

  19. Adnan Hazique

    Adnan Hazique

    prashant tuu shakal sa bhi chutiya aur bhikari lagta haa lol

  20. Bill Cartor Mayank

    Bill Cartor Mayank

    Yaar tum log etna khus mat ho.
    Ye chinki ke liye hai
    You people are kid
    My dear son porki

  21. Wasim Raza

    Wasim Raza

    if i will buy ur sis then there is no need to learn how to ride her understand Rajput sons of hindu?

  22. Wasim Raza

    Wasim Raza

    if I can afford ur sis then there is no need to learn how to ride her understand?

  23. Rahul Verma

    Rahul Verma

    Bell AH-1Z is development (albeit with significant upgrades) of Bell AH-1, the first attack helicopter of US army.

    After AH-1, the US army decided on a dedicated attack helicopter (AH-1 was developed from UH-1 transport), which led to the AH-64 Apache.

    AH-64D Block III Longbow is an advanced version of Apache with the Longbow fire control radar. It is under use by a number of countries apart from US Army.

    The AH-1Z Viper, however, is used only by the USMC.

    Ab reply kar ke khud ki insult mat karwa le… Itna old model hai tum logo ke paas 😂😂😂

  24. Waseem Chadhar

    Waseem Chadhar

    US is keen to provide India higtec coz she wants a regional spigot to messup/ counter China and to handle China’s economic supremacy and China’s growing debate over US.

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